Etsy Users and Financial Statistics (2024)

Etsy houses 9.13 million sellers that serve over 96. 4 million active buyers with 100+ million products. Known for its handmade crafts and goods, Etsy is now expanding to various niches and seeing positive results too.

The eCommerce platform has sold products worth over $2.98 billion in 2024 so far.

Explore the state of Etsy through numbers, and get insights on the platform's sellers, buyer behavior, and financials as of 2024 in this post!

Etsy Statistics 2024 (Top Highlights)

  • Etsy has 9.13 million sellers on the platform, out of which 79% are females.
  • 96.4 million buyers actively shop on Etsy.
  • Etsy earned $646 million by selling products worth $2.98 billion in the first quarter of 2024.
  • Most Etsy buyers belong to the 25 to 34 age group.
  • The platform has over 100 million products listed across 50 categories.
  • gets 500 million visitors every month.

General Etsy Statistics

Know the general facts about Etsy like the number of visits to the platform to the number of employees.

Etsy gets over 500 million visits every month attracts over 500 million visitors monthly. Visitor counts vary throughout the year, with months like December hitting the peak. These fluctuations are related to seasonal shopping events and Etsy’s promotions.

Etsy received traffic of 558.35 million in March and 539.08 million in February 2024.

500 million visits Etsy Statistics

Source: Semrush.

An average visitor spends around 13 minutes on Etsy

During this time, the visitor explores 4.6 pages on average. has a bounce rate of 46.44%

Source: Semrush.

Etsy currently has 2400 employees

This number reflects the employee count of and channels.

Etsy laid off 11% of its workforce in 2023 due to a "challenging macroeconomic environment as per the company's CEO Josh Silverman.

Source: Etsy 2024 Fact Sheet, Retail Dive.

Etsy Seller Statistics

This section has statistics on number of Etsy sellers, how they manage their business, and their demographics.

Etsy has 9.03 million sellers on the platform

9.03 million sellers etsy statistics

9.13 million sellers from 234 countries and territories sell on Etsy as of the first quarter of 2024, that's a 15% increase year over year.

The number of Etsy sellers has doubled since 2020.

Etsy seller growth peaked in 2013 when the sellers grew 1194% compared to the prior year!

Here is a table showing the number of Etsy sellers over the years:

Year Number of Etsy Sellers
2024 (Q1) 9.131 million
2023 9.035 million
2022 7.470 million
2021 7.522 million
2020 4.365 million
2019 2.699 million
2018 2.115 million
2017 1.933 million
2016 1.748 million
2015 1.563 million
2014 1.353 million
2013 1.074 million
2012 83,000

Source: Etsy.

79% of sellers on Etsy are women

That means over 72 million women entrepreneurs are selling their products on the platform.

Etsy is a great platform to start with for entrepreneurial women, with 79% of its sellers being female. Etsy’s commitment to empowering women sets it apart as a prime destination for all entrepreneurs seeking a supportive and inclusive marketplace.

Source: Etsy Global Seller Census.

Most Etsy sellers make $45,000 per year

$45,000 is a substantial figure, especially if you’re running an Etsy side hustle. It’s well above minimum wage, and you get to be your own boss. You have the flexibility to work from anywhere, manage your schedule, and take breaks whenever necessary.

Some Etsy sellers reported earning less than $500 monthly on the platform, while others have achieved monthly earnings exceeding $9,000. Moreover, there are highly successful sellers on the platform too, generating hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in revenue.

It’s essential to recognize that the earnings of Etsy sellers depend on numerous factors. While some sellers may earn less and others more within the same niche, success ultimately comes down to execution. If you’re a seller reading this, focus on optimizing your store, because with the right strategy, there’s no limit to how much you can earn.

Source: Sale Samurai.

Etsy's Seller Demographics

The median age of an Etsy seller is 45, younger than the typical business owner in most countries across the world, which is just above 50 years old.

Over 60% of Etsy sellers are under 45. older sellers, particularly those over 55, often focus on Etsy as their main occupation.

Here is a table showing the share of Etsy sellers by age:

Age Group Percentage of Etsy Sellers
Under 45 60%
45 and older 40%

Etsy also provides opportunities for rural entrepreneurs, with 28% of sellers in core markets being from rural areas.

Here is a table showing the share of Etsy sellers by communities:

Location Type Percentage of Etsy Sellers
Urban 23%
Suburban 49%
Rural 28%

Etsy sellers by communities

Source: Etsy 1 and Etsy 2.

80% of Etsy sellers run their business alone

Most Etsy businesses (80%) consist of only one person and 97% run their creative enterprises from their homes. Microbusinesses, typically defined as having fewer than ten employees, on Etsy usually employ fewer than three people.

The vast majority (91%) of Etsy sellers are sole proprietors, while those who share ownership often do so with family members, primarily spouses, partners, or other relatives, offering a distinctive perspective on family-run businesses.

Source: Etsy.

Etsy sellers spend half of their time on making, designing, and acquiring activities.

Etsy's seller census report reveals that 51% of a seller's time goes into making, designing and acquiring activities. Sellers further invest 11.4% of their time managing the inventory.

Nearly 10% of the time goes to marketing activities while the least time is spent on hiring and managing employees (2%).

Hoe Etsy Sellers Spend Thier Time

Source: Etsy.

54% of Etsy sellers are part of the independent workforce

The majority of Etsy sellers (54%) work independently, and 31% have traditional full-time jobs.

A good 10% of sellers on Etsy are either retired individuals or students!

Here is a table showing the employment among Etsy sellers:

Independent workers 54.1%
Full-time employees 31%
unemployed 3%
Retired, student or caregiver 10%
Others 2%

Overview of Etsy sellers in the United States

Etsy sellers in rural areas, outpacing traditional businesses in the US. They’ve set up shop in nearly every county of the Nation.

Etsy provides a launchpad for diverse entrepreneurs, with over half (54%) starting their journey on the platform.

Most Etsy sellers in the United States (79%) operate solo, but a quarter get help. Hispanics (30%) are more likely to receive assistance.

Etsy sellers drive economic growth through sales, job creation, income, and value-added, showcasing their vital role in the economy.

Etsy Sellers From The United States

Source: Etsy Seller Census

What do Etsy sellers think about the expansion of their business?

82% of Etsy sellers aim to expand their businesses, but surprisingly, over half of sellers (57%) prefer to keep things small-scale rather than hiring additional help.

63% of people sell on Etsy to make more money, but a whopping 65% are in it to unleash their creativity.

Source: Global Etsy Seller Census

Etsy Buyers Statistics

Know how buyers behave on Etsy. Also, explore their demographics and other insights that will help sellers craft a well-thought strategy on Etsy.

Etsy has 96.5 million active buyers as of 2024

96.5 million active buyers etsy statistics

As per Etsy's official data, the platform was able to achieve this feat by reactivating nearly 6.3 million lapsed buyers and acquiring 5.7 million new buyers in the first quarter of 2024.

Here is a table showing Etsy's active buyers over the years:

Year Etsy Active Buyers
2024 (Q1) 96.4 million
2023 96.5 million
2022 95.08 million
2021 96.34 million
2020 81.9 million
2019 46.35 million
2018 39.45 million
2017 33.36 million
2016 28.57 million
2015 24.05 million
2014 19.81 million
2013 14.03 million
2012 9.32 million

Source: Etsy.

Etsy Buyers by Segment

Here is a breakdown of Etsy buyers by segment as of Q1 2024:

Existing Buyers 84.4 million
Reactivated Buyer 6.3 million
New Buyers 5.7 million
  • New Buyers – customers who purchased on Etsy for the first time.
  • Reactivated Buyers – customers who return to make a purchase on the platform after more than a year.
  • Existing Buyers – Customers who have made repeated purchases on Etsy within a span of one year.

Source: Etsy.

Etsy Buyers by Age

29.5% of Etsy's customers belong to the 25 to 34 age group. People aged 35 to 54 also contribute a significant share of 32.97%.

Here is a table showing the share of Etsy users by age:

Age Group Share of Etsy users
18 to 24 17.71%
25 to 34 29.52%
35 to 44 18.11%
45 to 54 14.86%
55 to 64 11.8%
65+ 8%

Source: Similarweb

Repeat buyers make 81% of purchases on Etsy

38% of Etsy's buyers are repeat buyers and they make 81% of purchases on the platform.

Etsy defines repeat buyers as any buyer who made purchases on two or more days in the previous 12 months, including habitual buyers. Habitual buyers are buyers who have spent $200 or more and made purchases on six or more days in the previous 12 months.

Etsy also reported that it has 7 million habitual buyers on the platform.

Etsy Buyer Demographics (2024)

Source: Etsy

54% of buyers on Etsy are looking to buy from businesses with sustainable packaging

An Etsy survey revealed that 54% of Etsy buyers in the US stated they would be more inclined to buy from a seller on Etsy if they used eco-friendly packaging for their deliveries, without charging extra for it.

Etsy offers help to sellers to run a sustainably-minded business through their partnership with EcoEnclose which allow sellers to purchase packaging made from 100% recycled materials or certified responsibly sourced paper at a discount.

Source: Etsy's Seller Handbook

Etsy buyers prefer to shop from their phones

Most of Etsy’s sales come from mobile devices, making up 68% of total sales. This is a big jump from 2013 when less than one-third of sales came from smartphones or tablets.

Etsy's website traffic data revealed that the website gets 62% of its traffic from mobile devices!

Etsy Traffic by devices

If you are a seller, It's important to optmize your Etsy store for smaller screens.

Sources: Market Pulse, Semrush.

Etsy buyers by country

Both the app downloads data and website traffic data reveal that the United States is Etsy's biggest market.

The United States is responsible for 58.15% of Etsy's traffic. The Etsy app was downloaded 53 million times in the country from 2015 to 2023.

Here is a table showing the share of Etsy buyers in different countries:

Country Buyer Traffic Share No. of Downloads
United States 58.15% 53.08 million
United Kingdom 7.25% 8.98 million
Canada 4.86% 3.79 million
Germany 4.43% 5.09 million
France 2.68% 3.58 million

The above data also shed light on the fact that only 40% of Etsy's purchases come from outside of the United States.

Source: Statista, Semrush.

The average amount spent by each Etsy buyer is $125

Each Etsy buyer spent around $125 on the platform during the first quarter of 2024.

Etsy's GMS per buyer has been reduced by 3.5% year over year.

But on the brighter side of things, Etsy reports that its Q1 24 Etsy sitewide 'Gifting' GMS meaningfully outpaced overall Etsy marketplace performance up low single digits Y/Y.

Source: Etsy

Etsy Product Statistics

Take an inside look at the number of products on Etsy and what sells most during different times of the year. Also, know which products are expected to perform well on Etsy in 2024.

There are over 100 million products on Etsy

100 million products etsy statistics

Etsy sellers have collectively listed over 100 million items across 50+ categories on Etsy. That’s approximately 50% more product listings than just 2 years ago.

Etsy continues to expand into new categories and add more listings every day! More in the next section

Source: Etsy,

Top product categories on Etsy

Home and living is the top category on Etsy as it contributes 35% of the platform's total GMS. Jewelry (18%), and Apparel (14%) round up to the top three positions.

Etsy's top 6 categories contribute to the platform's 87% Gross merchandise sales.

Etsy Top Categories

Etsy has over 50 main categories with 3,000+ subcategories that have a hundred million product listings. If you are a seller who doesn't wish to jump into the main category, don’t be afraid to niche down, a well-defined product line within a popular category can be a recipe for success.

Source: Etsy 1 and Etsy 2.

Demand for Printables on Etsy has skyrocketed

print-on-demand (POD) services have become hugely popular among Etsy sellers in recent years. POD services offer a straightforward and cost-effective way to kickstart businesses without the hassle of managing inventory or shipping concerns.

Etsy has become the go-to platform for creative individuals looking to turn their designs into actual products. Etsy’s focus on handmade and unique items makes it the perfect marketplace, especially for small business owners aiming to reach a specific audience.

The global print-on-demand market is well worth over $8 billion as of 2024 and is estimated to reach $38.21 billion by 2023. Many sellers have already made over $100,000 by selling print-on-demand products on Etsy.

Source: Etsy Hunt, Grand View Research.

According to Etsy's 2024 fact sheet, there’s a constant stream of birthday item searches happening every second, wall art items every two seconds, and baby shower items every three seconds.

The demand for custom or handmade furniture is notable too, with searches happening every minute. Additionally, searches for anniversary items occur every two seconds. This ongoing activity underscores the diverse interests and needs of Etsy’s user base.

Source: Etsy 2024 Fact Sheet.

Etsy Financial Statistics

This section will shed light on Etsy's revenue, its gross merchandise sales, net income, and other financial aspects.

Etsy Gross Merchandise Sale over the years

Etsy registered a GMS of $2.98 billion in the first quarter of 2024, that’s a 3.7% decrease Y/Y and a 4.1% decrease Y/Y on a currency-neutral basis.

Etsy recorded a GMS of $13.16 billion and $13.32 billion in 2023 and 2022 respectively.

Here is a table showing Etsy's Gross Merchandise Sales (GMS) over the years:

Year Etsy’s Gross Merchandise Sale
2024 (Q1) $2.98 billion
2023 $13.16 billion
2022 $13.32 billion
2021 $13.49 billion
2020 $10.28 billion
2019 $4.97 billion
2018 $3.93 billion
2017 $3.25 billion
2016 $2.84 billion
2015 $2.39 billion
2014 $1.93 billion
2013 $1.35 billion
2012 $0.90 billion
2011 $0.53 billion
2010 $0.31 billion

Etsy Gross Merchandise Sale over the years

Source: Etsy Financial Reports.

Mobile share of Etsy’s gross merchandise sales volume

In 2022, most of Etsy’s sales came from people shopping on their phones or tablets, accounting for 67% of all the stuff sold on the site. Back in 2013, it was way lower, with less than one-third of sales coming from mobile shoppers.

Source: Statista

Etsy revenue (2015-2024)

Etsy generated $645 million in revenue in the first quarter of 2024, that's a 0.8% growth year over year.

Etsy registered a revenue of $2.74 billion in 2023, which was 7.1% YoY growth and the highest recorded yearly revenue to date.

The COVID-19 pandemic notably boosted Etsy’s revenue as consumer behavior shifted towards online shopping, particularly for unique, handmade goods. In 2020, Etsy’s revenue doubled to $1.72 billion from 818 million the prior year.

Although Etsy’s growth moderated in 2022 and 2023 (with 10.18% and 7.1% respectively), the e-commerce company still managed to achieve its highest annual revenue ever in 2023.

Here is a table showing Etsy's revenue over the years:

Year Etsy Revenue
2024 $645 million
2023 $2.74 billion
2022 $2.56 billion
2021 $2.33 billion
2020 $1.72 billion
2019 $818 million
2018 $603 million
2017 $441 million
2016 $364 million
2015 $273 million
2014 $195 million
2013 $125 million
2012 $74.6 million

Etsy revenue over the years

Source: Etsy Financial Reports.

Etsy profits (2012-2024)

Etsy made a profit of $63 million in the first quarter of 2024.

Etsy managed to book a profit of $307.56 million in 2023, which was a good recovery after experiencing a loss of $694.28 million in 2022.

Etsy's 2022 negative net income came after being profitable for five consecutive years.

Overall, Etsy has had six years where they ended up with a loss since 2012. However, there have also been some strong years of profit, like in 2021 when the platform made $493 million.

Here is a table showing Etsy's profits over the years:

Year Etsy Profit
2024 (Q1) $63 million
2023 $307.56 million
2022 $-694.29 million
2021 $493.51 million
2020 $349.25 million
2019 $95.89 million
2018 $77.49 million
2017 $81.8 million
2016 $-29.9 million
2015 $-54.06 million
2014 $-15.24 million
2013 $-0.8 million
2012 $-2.39 million

Source: Etsy Financial Reports.

Etsy market cap

As of May 2024, Etsy has a market cap of $7.91 Billion. This makes Etsy the world’s 1847th most valuable company.

Etsy's market cap peaked in November of 2021 when the company was valued at $37.21 billion.

Etsy Market Cap (2015 to 2024)

Source: Companies Market Cap.

Etsy Acquisitions and Funding

Etsy has raised a total of $97.3 million in funding over 10 rounds as of 2024. Their latest funding was raised on Feb 1, 2024, from a Post-IPO Equity round.

Etsy is funded by 20 investors. Elliott Investment Management and Dragoneer Investment Group are the most recent investors.

Date Investment Round Number of Investors Amount
Feb 1, 2024 Post-IPO Equity – Etsy 1 Elliott Investment Management
May 15, 2017 Post-IPO Equity – Etsy 2
May 22, 2014 Private Equity Round – Etsy 1 $5.6 million
May 9, 2012 Series F – Etsy 8 $40 million Index Ventures
Aug 26, 2010 Series E – Etsy 4 $20 million Index Ventures
Jan 1, 2008 Series D – Etsy 4 $27 million Accel
Jul 1, 2007 Series C – Etsy 3 $3.3 million
Jan 1, 2007 Series B – Etsy 2
Nov 1, 2006 Series A – Etsy 5 $1 million Union Square Ventures
Jun 18, 2005 Angel Round – Etsy 3 $400k

Etsy has acquired 9 organizations to date. Its most recent acquisition was Elo7 in June of 2021 which it acquired for $217M. But Etsy sold it to a Brazilian Corporation in 2023 as it wasn;t seeing the expected results.

Source: Crunchbase, The Motley Fool.

Etsy predicts a surge in demand for food and fruit motifs, offering a sophisticated alternative to past trends in the early days of 2024.

Gifting and occasions:

  • Expect a +11% YoY increase in searches for “meal prep” products.
  • Gifts for loved ones: Interest extends to diverse recipients, with an +18% YoY increase in searches for custom dog gifts and a +106% YoY increase in searches for gold charm necklaces.
  • Mother’s Day: Anticipate demand for comfort and luxury, with a +227% YoY increase in searches for custom charm necklaces.

Decor trends:

  • Flexibility and curved shapes are popular, with a +50% YoY increase in searches for boho wall art.
  • Denim decor is on the rise, reflecting a desire for casual sophistication.
  • Statement bathrooms are in demand, signaling a focus on luxury and detail.

Style trends:

  • Clothing trends include versatile staples and moody details, with an +852% YoY increase in searches for gothic clothing.
  • Jewelry and Accessories highlight charming pieces and mixed metals, with a +227% YoY increase in searches for custom charm necklaces.

Sellers can capitalize on these trends by staying updated and incorporating them into their offerings.

Source: Etsy Seller Handbook,

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