WhatsApp Statistics 2024: Users, Market Share & Revenue

Founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, WhatsApp has grown into the most popular instant messaging app, with over 2.95 billion monthly active users in 2024. In 2014, Facebook acquired WhatsApp for approximately $19 billion, marking one of the largest tech acquisitions ever (and one of the most successful).

Today, these 2.95 billion people exchange over 140 billion messages every day.

In this blog, we unpack the latest WhatsApp statistics and trends, giving you insights into how the app not only shapes global communication and social interaction but also serves as a key marketing tool for businesses to maintain and grow their customer base.

WhatsApp Statistics 2024 (Editor's Picks)

  • WhatsApp has more than 2.95 billion active users worldwide and will cross the 3 billion mark by the end of the year.
  • Over 140 billion messages are exchanged on WhatsApp daily.
  • More than 50 million businesses across the world use WhatsApp Business.
  • India has the most WhatsApp users, with a 535.8 million headcount.
  • WhatsApp now has over 5 billion downloads on the Google Play Store.

Brief Overview of WhatsApp

Launch Date November 2009
Headquarters Menlo Park, California
Owner Facebook (Meta)
Business Type Subsidiary

How many people use WhatsApp?

Over 2.95 billion people use WhatsApp every month as of July 2024, which is a 6.98% year over year increase.

WhatsApp has added 89.72 million new users in the first half of 2024 and looks to cross the 3 billion mark by the end of the year.

Number of WhatsApp Users

The number of active WhatsApp users is further expected to reach around 3.14 billion by 2025.

Here's a table showing WhatsApp's monthly active users over the years:

Year WhatsApp Users
2024 (July) 2.95 billion
2023 2.86 billion
2022 2.66 billion
2021 2.19 billion
2020 2.06 billion
2019 1.83 billion
2018 1.68 billion
2017 1.5 billion
2016 1 billion
2015 900 million
2014 600 million
2013 400 million
2012 100 million
2011 50 million
2010 10 million

Whatsapp ranks first among the most popular global mobile messenger apps, followed by WeChat and Facebook Messenger.

It is also the third most popular social network worldwide after Facebook and YouTube in terms of monthly active users.

WhatsApp User Demographics

Learning about WhatsApp's user base can help businesses and marketers plan their strategies more effectively. Here's a look at WhatsApp’s user demographics in detail:

WhatsApp Users by Age

WhatsApp is most popular among people aged 26 to 35, who make up 27% of its user base.

People over 56 years are the least likely to use WhatsApp, making up only 13% of its users.

The table below shows the distribution of WhatsApp users by age:

Age Group User Share
15-25 19%
26-35 27%
36-45 20%
46-55 17%
56+ 13%

WhatsApp Users by Generation

54% of Millenials use WhatsApp, followed by Gen Z at 51%, Gen X at 48%, and Baby Boomers at 36%.

Most Americans aged 18 to 35 who own a cellphone have installed WhatsApp, according to the company’s studies. This makes it one of Meta’s fastest-growing services in its most mature market.

WhatsApp Users by Race

In the US, over half of Hispanic adults, 54%, and over half of Asian adults, 51%, use WhatsApp. In comparison, only 31% of Black adults and an even smaller percentage of White adults, 20%, use the app.

Whatsapp Users by Gender

WhatsApp's global user base consists of 47.5% females and 52.4% males.

Gender Split of WhatsApp Users

WhatsApp Users by Country

India has the highest number of WhatsApp users, with a headcount of over 535.8 million. Other countries with significant user bases include Brazil (148 million), Indonesia (112 million) and the United States (98 million)

Americans tend to use iMessage or Facebook Messenger more than WhatsApp.

Here's a table showing the number of WhatsApp users by country:

Rank Country Number of Whatsapp Users
1 India 535.8 million
2 Brazil 148 million
3 Indonesia 112 million
4 United States 98 million
5 Philippines 88 million
6 Mexico 77 million
7 Russia 66.7 million
8 Turkey 60 million
9 Egypt 56 million
10 Pakistan 52 million

WhatsApp Users By CountryNumber of WhatsApp Messages Sent Each Day

140 billion messages are sent on WhatsApp each day, which means:

  • 5833 million messages every hour
  • 97 million messages every minute
  • 1.6 million messages every second

Number of WhatsApp Messages Sent Each Day

The number of messages sent on WhatsApp has increased by 33.33% since 2020, when users exchanged around 100 billion messages daily.

As WhatsApp’s user base is expected to surpass 3 billion in 2024, the number of messages sent per day is projected to reach 150 billion.

The table below shows the number of WhatsApp messages sent daily over the years:

Year Number of WhatsApp Messages Exchanged Daily
2011 1 billion
2015 30 billion
2016 42 billion
2017 55 billion
2018 65 billion
2020 100 billion
2023 140 billion
2024* 150 billion

WhatsApp Penetration by Country

Brazil has the highest market share of WhatsApp users, with approximately nine out of 10 messaging app users in the country. Following closely, India holds the second position with a penetration rate of 97.1%, while Italy comes in third at 97%.

The US has a lower penetration rate of 41.2% due to popular alternatives like iMessage and Facebook Messenger.

Here is a detailed breakdown in the table below:

Country WhatsApp Penetration Rate
Brazil 98.9%
India 97.1%
Italy 97%
Argentina 96%
Switzerland 95.9%
Finland 95.6%
Germany 95.5%
Austria 94.4%
Netherlands 92.9%
Spain 92.2%
Mexico 87.1%
Indonesia 86.4%
Russia 83.7%
United Kingdom 71.3%
France 48%
Canada 42.4%
United States 41.2%
Sweden 33.5%
Australia 32.9%

WhatsApp Market Share

As of 2024, WhatsApp has over 2.95 billion monthly active users, making it the most popular messaging app globally.

WhatsApp dominates the instant messaging market, particularly outside the United States, with an 80.6% market share in 2021, surpassing WeChat's 1.34 billion users and Facebook Messenger's 1.01 billion users.

Monthly active users in millions

WhatsApp is incredibly popular in countries like Brazil, where 90% of people use WhatsApp as their preferred instant messenger.

In India and Italy, 97% of people who use messaging apps use WhatsApp.

While WhatsApp might be the global leader in messaging apps, it faces strong competition from other messaging apps. Privacy concerns have led users to switch to apps like Telegram and Signal.

Telegram is popular in Russia and India, with 34.4 million downloads in Russia. Signal has gained traction in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, with 3.74 million downloads.

Average Time Spent on WhatsApp

An average WhatsApp user spends 19.4 hours each month on the app, which translates to about 38 minutes per day.

70% of WhatsApp users check the app every day. Also, users spend over 2 billion minutes a day making voice and video calls through its platform.

Average Time Spent on WhatsApp

WhatsApp's 'status' feature is used daily by over 500 million users worldwide.

Americans spend around 7.6 hours on WhatsApp each month. 53% of WhatsApp users in the United States use the app at least once a day.

Brazil, Indonesia, and Argentina are the top three countries in terms of the average monthly time spent on WhatsApp.

Here's a table showing the average monthly time spent on WhatsApp in different countries:

Country Monthly Time Spent by Users on WhatsApp
Brazil 29 hours
Indonesia 29 hours
Argentina 28 hours
India 21 hours
United States 7.6 hours
Australia 6 hours

WhatsApp Revenue Statistics

WhatsApp’s annual revenue grew from $1.3 billion to $1.5 billion between 2018 and 2023. This growth is part of a broader trend, as seen in the revenue figures below.

WhatsApp contributes only a small fraction of Facebook’s total revenue. The majority of its income comes from WhatsApp for Business, where businesses are charged for usage after 1,000 conversations.

The app was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, former employees of Yahoo! Shortly after its launch, they secured $2,50,000 in seed funding.

In 2014, Facebook (now Meta) acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion. Meta's second biggest property is now WhatsApp, after Facebook and Instagram.

Here’s an estimate of WhatsApp’s annual revenue by year:

Year Revenue
2012 $3.82 million
2013 $10.21 million
2014 $15.29 million
2016 $200 million
2018 $1.3 billion
2023 $1.5 billion

WhatsApp Business Statistics

More than 50 million companies across the world use WhatsApp Business, a version of the app designed specifically for business use, allowing companies to interact with their customers more effectively. This feature is a significant contributor to WhatsApp's revenue.

WhatsApp business reached over 200 million monthly active users in 2023, up from 50 million in 2020. This means the app’s user base grew four times larger in three years.

Meta launched WhatsApp Business in 2018. It was initially designed with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in mind.

More than 40 million people view a business catalog on WhatsApp every month to discover new products and services.

Messages sent using the WhatsApp Business API are opened 98% of the time, while the average email open rate is just above 21%.

Wrapping Up

WhatsApp remains the top choice for messaging worldwide, with over 2.78 billion monthly users and 140 billion messages daily. Recent updates like multi-device support and improved privacy show their commitment to user convenience and security.

Looking forward, WhatsApp aims to integrate more with Meta platforms, innovate its tools, and expand business features to boost engagement and utility. These efforts ensure WhatsApp stays essential for personal communication and business expansion into 2024 and beyond.

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