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Bath & Body Works Upcoming Sales in 2023

Bath & Body Works Upcoming Sales in 2023

Hey there! Looking for soothing aromatherapy lotions? Delightful hand soaps? Or invigorating shower gels? Whatever your pick, Bath & Body Works has your back, boo!!!

The brand is a hit amongst people of all ages – synonymous with quality, variety, and innovation. Regular shopper or not, you cannot deny the sheer excitement that comes with the mention of sales. And why not? With multitudes of pampering products on discount, these sale events offer us the chance to stock up on all our favorite goodies while keeping our budget in check.

Indulging in luxurious bath products, and snuggling up with the scent of freshly baked cookies… makes for a blissful day. And if you haven’t already marked your calendars with the Bath & Body Works upcoming sales yet- do so now.

Bath & Body Works Coupons

Live Sale Offers on Bath & Body Works

Current Sale Offers Sale Date
Member Only Savings $10 off on all qualifying $30 purchase
(Valid one time only)
Live Now!

Bath & Body Works offers exclusive sales every day throughout the year, providing you with an opportunity to avail of maximum discounts. These sales usually last for a limited time, so you must act fast to take advantage of great savings. You can also keep checking this space for the latest promotions and updates so you don't miss out on these fancy sales.

Bath & Body Works Next Upcoming Sale in November 2023

Upcoming Sale Expected Sale Date Top Offers
Black Friday Sale 19th to 23rd November 2023 Buy 3 products and Get 4 for Free

Summer gets sweeter with Bath & Body Works’Black Friday super sale! Prepare for one of the most massive shopping events this summer with unbeatable discounts on their heavenly-scented body lotions, washes, and candles. With free shipping coupons up for grabs, you can indulge in all the pampering without putting extra strain on your wallet.

Ongoing Deals and Offers on Bath & Body Works

Deals & Offers Discount
Select Full-Size Body, Skin & Hair Care Buy 3, Get 1 FREE
Single Wick Candles 2/$24
Travel, Hand & Lip Care Buy 3, Get 1 FREE
Wallflower Fragrance Refills 5/$24
Hand Soaps 5/$27

These ongoing Bath & Body Works deals make their dreamy products more accessible to us. So, whether you’re a die-hard fan or a newbie, bag your faves during these sales to keep your wallet (home and your skin!) happy.

Complete List Of Top Bath & Body Works Sales, Offers, Date, Etc

Get ready to save big on your B&BW items with the help of this list of Bath & Body Works’ upcoming sales in 2023, along with its expected dates.

Upcoming Sales Offers Expected Sale Dates
Buy 3 Get 3 Free Sales Buy 3 and Get 3 Free offers on Lotions, Shower Gels, and Candles Several times a year
Black Friday Sale Buy 3 products and Get 4 for Free 19th to 23rd November 2023
Cyber Monday Sale 40% off on fragrance mists and body care products 26th November 2023
Annual Candle Day Sale 60% off on Wicked Candles December 3rd 2023
Body Care Day Sale Up to 70% off on aroma products December 5th to 9th 2023
Winter Semi-Annual Sale 50% off on body creams and fragrances December 26th, 2023 to January 16th, 2024
Ramadan Kareem Sale 2 Candles at QR89 March 20th to April 25th 2024
Summer Semi-Annual Sale 50 to 75% off on sitewide products June 3th to July 3th 2024

Let’s spy and dive deeper into the nitty-gritty details of these sales. Get ready for some serious brain stimulation and make this shopping experience one for the books!

01. Bath & Body Works Buy 3 Get 3 Free Sale?

Sale Date: Several Times throughout the Year


Ah, the Bath & Body Works Buy 3 Get 3 Free Sale is a shopaholic’s version of Christmas. And the best part is, you can have it several times a month or year – because there’s no such thing as too many B&BW products. You get more products for a fraction of the price, and your wallet leaves the transaction feeling happy and intact. It’s a win-win situation, really – and here’s why:

What can you expect during the Buy 3 Get 3 Free Sale?

  • Only pay for the 3 expensive products in your cart and get the other 3 for free
  • Mix and match from all categories- lotions, shower gels, or candles

02. Bath & Body Works Black Friday Sale

Sale Date: 19th to 23rd November 2023

Bath & Body Works black Friday

Black Friday is the time of year to awaken your inner shopping beast and snag deals too good to be true. And when it comes to Bath & Body Works, you better believe their Black Friday Sale is worth waking up early for! The sale starts on the Monday before Thanksgiving and lasts through Black Friday, giving you 5 days to hoard your go-to products and get ahead on holiday shopping.

What can you expect during the Black Friday Sale?

  • During the sale, you can expect some insane deals, like a B3G3 or B3G4 sale. But the real magic happens when Bath & Body Works drops its limited offers. In 2022, they blessed us with the Merriest Gift Box Ever, which included nine items worth over $100 for only $40 with any $40 purchase. Yes – an entire box of goodies for practically half its actual price!

03. Bath & Body Works Cyber Monday Sale

Sale Date: 26th November, 2023

Bath & Body Works cyber-Monday sale

Set your alarms for the Monday immediately after Thanksgiving, and prepare to indulge in some seriously amazing deals. Get ready to enjoy some mouth-watering markdowns on site-wide or store-wide products that will leave you smelling like an angel in no time!

What can you expect during the Cyber Monday Sale?

  • In past years, B&BW has gone all out, offering discounts of up to 40% on its products. With free shipping and other exciting perks, you’ll come out of this sale feeling happy, hydrated, and smelling divine.

04. Bath & Body Works Annual Candle Day Sale

Sale Date: December 3rd, 2023

Bath and body semi annual candle sale

Alright then! It’s time to talk about the most lit sale of the year – The Bath & Body Works Annual Candle Day Sale, happening on the first weekend of December for a hot one-day (or 2). We’re talking about a collection so fire – it gets cleared out quicker than your inbox on a Friday afternoon. These sweet scents of candles can be bought at the lowest prices possible and the body care products will put your senses in a tizzy! Trust us, your home will be the talk of the neighborhood, and your body will be singing your praises.

What can you expect during the Annual Candle Day Sale?

  • The brand offers its wicked candles at the lowest price of the year – $9.95
  • A Buy 3 Get 1 Free offer on Fine Fragrance Mists.

05. Bath & Body Works Body Day Care Sale

Sale Date:December 5th to 9th December 2023

Prepare yourself to enjoy 50 to 60% off on most Bath & Body Works products at their Body Day Care Sale. You can expect exciting deals and discounts at this seasonal sale. This one sale will single handedly fullfill all your bath essential requirements. Products ranging from soaps, shower gel, fragrances, body lotions and more will be on discounts to make your days even more merrier. What's more, you can save a ton by using online coupon codes at the check-out.

What can you expect during the Body Day Care Sale?

  • Get up to 60% off on most body lotions.
  • Take benefit of the discounts available on select aromatic candles.
  • Make your bath experience more refreshing by buying shower gels on offer.

06. Bath & Body Works Winter Semi-Annual Sale

Sale Date: December 26th, 2023 to January 16th, 2024

Bath & Body Works winter sale

Next up is The Bath and Body Works Winter Semi-Annual Sale is coming at you like a snowball to the face! Starting the day after Christmas and going strong through mid-January, load up on your winter essentials to keep your skin soft and your spirit high through the chilly months! Escape the winter blues with a shopping spree that'll make you look and feel your best.

What can you expect during the Winter Semi-Annual Sale?

  • Get your hands on select best-sellers at a whopping 75% off.
  • Avail of five packs of hand sanitizers for just $4
  • Snag body creams at a discount of 50%

07. Women's History Month

Sale Date: March 2024


As March rolls in, Bath & Body Works joins the celebration of Women’s History Month! And what better way to honor women’s contribution to the world than to recognize the iconic perfumers who’ve made their mark on this brand? Of course, it’s not all about showing appreciation for the incredible work of these perfumers because Bath & Body Works is giving its customers some irresistible deals!

What can you expect during the Women's History Month Sale?

  • You can mix and match products to Buy 3 and Get 3 free or Buy 2 and Get 1 free.
  • Spruce up your home by buying 5 Wallflower fragrance refills for only $27.

08. Bath & Body Works Ramadan Kareem Sale

Sale Date: March 23rd to April 14th 2024


Whether hosting a family Iftar, relaxing after a long day of fasting, or just looking to add fresh vibes to your living space, beautify your home with Bath & Body Works products during the Ramadan Kareem Sale – up-and-about from March 20th through April 25th. Here’s what you can expect from this year’s sale:

What can you expect during the Ramadan Kareem Sale?

  • Light up your nights with two beautiful large candles for only QR89.
  • Grab 2 expensive products and get the other 2 for free.
  • Participate in contests and get a chance to win exciting gifts every day.

P.S. This sale is only available in a few countries. You'll be lucky if you are in the right place at the right time!

09. Bath & Body Works Summer Semi-Annual Sale

Sale Date: June 11th to July 11 2024

Bath and body semi annual sale

Get ready to sizzle this summer with the scintillating deals at the Bath & Body Works Summer Semi-Annual Sale! From mid-June to mid-July, the sale is live, presenting you with products perfect for basking in the sun. Indulge in the sweet and fresh aromas of lotions, body mists, candles, and more. You can go-big-or-go-home on these amazing-scented products during the sale! Let’s dive deep into the top offers people have been raving about. Ready? Here we go!

What can you expect during the Summer Semi-Annual Sale?

  • Enjoy an impressive 50 to 75% discount on select products.
  • Bag a variety of body lotions for as little as $4
  • Buy three-wick candles at an unbelievable price of $12

10. Bath & Body Works Corporate Sale

Looking to show your employees some love? Bath & Body Works Corporate Sale is for you! Your team gets presents they’ll use and appreciate, and you avoid the headache of individual gift shopping. Unfortunately, the brand has put Corporate Sales on hold until early 2023 due to the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, but don’t worry! Keep checking their website for the latest updates on when you can start placing your orders. Trust me, your colleagues will thank you for it and you might even be the office hero.

Additional Savings on Bath & Body Works

? Bath & Body Works Top Offers
Bath & Body Works’ “Top Offers” section is the answer to all your bargain-hunting desires! If you’re always on the lookout for the hottest deals, then this spot is your new paradise. Featuring a plethora of appealing promotions, the Top Offers Section is the perfect place to feed your shopping addiction. From BOGO deals to Mix and Match offers, you’ll never run out of options! Grab your credit card and start browsing through the irresistible steals. If that wasn’t rewarding enough, make sure to also browse through the Bath & Body Works coupons and promo codes for even more exhilarating savings.

? Bath & Body Works Rewards Program
When you join the Bath & Body Works Rewards Program, you can treat yourself to a selection of freebies worth up to $16.95. But the rewards don’t stop there! With every purchase, you’ll earn redeemable points for even more incredible products and unlock access to member-exclusive events, promotional codes, and other exclusive perks. And let’s not forget about your birthday! B&BW celebrates your special day with an annual birthday gift. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start enjoying all the benefits that come with it.

? Bath & Body Works Newsletter
Joining the Bath & Body Works Newsletter is like hitting the jackpot. Become an insider and enjoy a head start on exclusive offers! You’ll be among the first to know about all of their newest goodies, so your inbox will soon fill with delight – just like one of their signature scents.

? Third-Party Retailers
You can save a few bucks on your favorite Bath & Body Works products by checking out third-party eCommerce and retail websites like Amazon and Walmart! Not only can you snag your go-to scents for less, but you might also stumble upon deals and bundles you can’t find in-store. And don’t forget to mark Amazon's upcoming sales dates as reminders – this way, you’re sure not to miss any opportunities for great savings.

Bath & Body Works Upcoming Sales FAQs

1. Where can I find the best Bath & Body Works sales?
You can find the best Bath & Body Works sales at their official website, physical stores, or third-party retail stores.

2. What’s the best way to stay updated on Bath & Body Works’ promotions?
Subscribe to Bath & Body Works' email newsletter or follow them on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for all their latest offers.

3. Are there any app-exclusive deals at Bath & Body Works?
Absolutely! Members of the B&BW rewards program get the latest scoops on top-secret reveals with Appsclusive. Additionally, app wallets hold all the applicable rewards and offers.

4. What kind of discounts can I expect during Bath & Body Works sales?
During the semi-annual sale, shoppers can save up to 75% on select items. The B&BW holiday season brings deals such as BOGO, contests, discounts on gift sets, and more.

5. Are there any ongoing promotions at Bath & Body Works?
Yes, Bath & Body Works frequently offer discounts on their products. They can range from discounts on specific products to BOGO deals. The best way to learn about them is to head to the "Top Offers section on their website.

6. Can I return or exchange sale items at Bath & Body Works?
Yes, Bath & Body Works accepts return of sale items given that they are in their original or gently used condition along with the packaging.

Final Thoughts

Bath & Body Works fans have a lot to look forward to in 2023 as the brand is gearing up to offer spectacular sales and introduce new products. With tantalizing fragrances and irresistible bath and body care products, Bath & Body Works always finds a way to outdo itself. Make sure to add this blog page to all your bookmarks immediately!

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  • Bath & Body Works Next Upcoming Sale in November 2023
  • Ongoing Deals and Offers on Bath & Body Works
  • Complete List Of Top Bath & Body Works Sales, Offers, Date, Etc
  •   <a href=#01.-Bath-&-Body-Works-Buy-3-Get-3-Free-Sale?>01. Bath & Body Works Buy 3 Get 3 Free Sale?

      <a href=#02.-Bath-&-Body-Works-Black-Friday-Sale>02. Bath & Body Works Black Friday Sale

      <a href=#03.-Bath-&-Body-Works-Cyber-Monday-Sale>03. Bath & Body Works Cyber Monday Sale

      <a href=#04.-Bath-&-Body-Works-Annual-Candle-Day-Sale>04. Bath & Body Works Annual Candle Day Sale

      <a href=#05.-Bath-&-Body-Works-Body-Day-Care-Sale>05. Bath & Body Works Body Day Care Sale

      <a href=#06.-Bath-&-Body-Works-Winter-Semi-Annual-Sale>06. Bath & Body Works Winter Semi-Annual Sale

      <a href=#07.-Women's-History-Month>07. Women's History Month</p><p>  <a href=#08.-Bath-&-Body-Works-Ramadan-Kareem-Sale>08. Bath & Body Works Ramadan Kareem Sale

      <a href=#09.-Bath-&-Body-Works-Summer-Semi-Annual-Sale>09. Bath & Body Works Summer Semi-Annual Sale


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