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Amazon Upcoming Sales & Deals in USA

Amazon sales are something that we all eagerly wait for. They bring massive discounts on all the products, no matter the size. Whenever a sale occurs, we make the best out of it and fill our wardrobes. And sometimes, we deeply regret if we somehow miss the sales that could have given us great deals that we couldn't find anywhere else. Don't worry, we have made a list of all the upcoming Amazon sales and offers so that you never miss out on great deals that can empty your wish list.

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Amazon Upcoming Sales



Halloween Sale

29th-31st October 2023 55% discount on Decorations

When is the next big Amazon sale?

Brace yourself as Amazon is going to set to roll out its New year Halloween sale. This sale is all about grabbing what you can because of the high demand for laptops, new gadgets, and whatnot. So, don't miss out on these amazing deals and offers by Amazon as come and go out of stock as soon as they are put on sale. Users will also be seeing some products with all-time low prices in this New Year Halloween sale.

All The Upcoming Sales and Deals In The USA

Sale Name

Expected Dates Deals/Offers
Halloween Sale 31st October 2023

55% discount on Decorations

Black Friday Sale

21st-22th November 2023 50% on Kitchen Appliances
Cyber Monday Sale 27th November 2023

70% off on Fire TV


23rd-24th November 2023 35% discount on men's watches
Christmas Sale 20th-25th December 2023

Save 60% on electronics

Year-End Sale

29th-30th December 2023

60% off on musical instrument and sound equipment

New Year's Sale 27th December-1st January 2024

50% discount on home appliances

President's Day Sale

10th – 22nd February 2024 45% off on Kitchen Appliances
Easter Sale 9th April 2024

Save 45% on Refrigerators

Mother's Day Sale

14th May 2024 57% discount on Amazon products

Memorial Day Sale

30th-31st May 2024

60% off on Fashion

Father's Day Sale 18th June 2024

63% on Amazon Products

4th of July Sale

4th July 2024 55% discount on Amazon Fire TV
Prime Day Sale 11th-12th July 2024

40% on everything

Big Labor Day Sale

3rd-5th September 2024 60% off on fashion and clothing

Prime Big Deal Days

10-11th October 2024 Discounts up to 60% on security gadgets

All of the Amazon sales that are mentioned above are eagerly awaited by all the users, and so are you and that's why you are here. But one thing will be different, you can use these Amazon couponsto stay one step ahead of the crowd.

Amazon Sales and Deals in 2023

Let's discuss in brief what will you be getting from these sales, which offer can you get for yourself, which sale is best suited for you and your needs, and last but not least which product can be bought at the lowest price on which sale?

1. Halloween Sale

“Ghosts and goblins come to play on October’s final day!”, this is one of the sayings that made our Halloween spookier. To make this a reality, Amazon's Halloween Sale offers price cuts on Costumes, Decorations, Candies, lamps, and Pumpkins. Users can save up to 55% on skull lights and can also avail themselves of one-day delivery with Prime Membership. So, this October, show your neighborhood, how a Halloween decoration can change the mood around and hype children up. You can also get your house a new look if you are bored with the same old look with jaw-dropping offers from 2modern. Let us look at some of the highlights from Amazon's Halloween Sale.

Key Highlights of Amazon's Halloween Sale:

  • Save 42% on seasonal home decor
  • Discounts up to 21% on decorative lights
  • Electronic blanket on 16% price cut

Top Deals and Offers:

  • Pay only $2.98 for an outdoor spider web decoration
  • Kids' skeleton costume for just $24.96
  • Inflatable PumpkiSkellingtonn for $9.97

2. Black Friday

Amazon's Black Friday Sale is a 48-hour sale that comes in the month of November with great deals in the bag. It puts forth bargained discounts on all the top brands from around the world. But this deal is not limited to top brands, you can help other deals that will help several communities as well. Here, you will find discounts on fashion, electronics, books, beauty and health products, and any other products and categories that you can think of. Kitchen appliances are not to be missed as you can get up to 50% off on coffee makers.

Key Highlights of Amazon Black Friday Sale:

  • Discounts up to 45% on Echo Dot and Fire TVs
  • 50% off on coffee makers, and vacuum cleaners
  • 60% off on beauty products from top brands

Top Deals and Offers:

  • Pay only $16 for Echo Dot Smart Speaker
  • Massage Gun for just $100
  • LG 55-inch 4K Smart TV for $1250 only

3. Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday Sale is held just after the Black Friday Sale. You might be wondering what's the point of one consecutive sale after another. Amazon Cyber Monday Sale is one of the best sales to get your hands on electronic gadgets, home appliances, kitchen appliances, and many other electronic things. Users can save up to 70% on Alexa devices and Fire TVs. This is the best time to buy the latest mobile phones, laptops, tablets, security cameras, and much more. Users can also buy new software and antivirus to make their PC more secure. You can also treat your PCs with some great deals from McAfee, one of the most trusted antivirus tools on the market today.

Key Highlights of Amazon Cyber Monday Sale:

  • Save 35% on security cameras and baby monitors
  • 50% off on Apple AirPods
  • Up to 45% discount on drill/driver kits

Top Deals and Offers:

  • Pay only $80 for an Apple AirPod
  • Xbox for just $200 instead of $300
  • Get a vacuum cleaner for as low as $15

4. Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about showing gratitude for the achievements and blessings from the past year and Amazon also holds this sale to show its gratitude to all the customers out there. Each year, Amazon's Thanksgiving Saleis something to make a note of, as it brings sales on small as well as large items in all the categories out there. Users can get discounts on cameras, headphones, video games, and wearable technology. You can also get up to 35% discount on selected men's watch brands like Tissot, Fossil, and Casio.

Key Highlights of Amazon Thanksgiving Sale:

  • 35% discount on men's watch
  • Up to 50% off on truly wireless earbuds
  • Save 45% on Hard Disk Drive

Top Deals and Offers

  • Pay $90 for a Tommy Hilfiger Quartz Watch
  • Save $50 on JBL TWS earbuds
  • Sony 24-70mm Zoom Lens for just $650

5. Christmas Sale

Amazon's Christmas sale is the perfect time to empty out our wishlist and fill the things in our home with the things that we always wanted. Amazon offers massive discounts on top brands, such as Sony, Samsung, Apple, LG, and much more to get the best deals before the year ends. This Christmas, get yourself something more than just decorations and cakes, as users can get up to 60% off on power banks, earphones, speakers, music instruments, and other electronic products. Let us look at some of the highlights of Amazon's Christmas Sale.

Key Highlights for Amazon Christmas Sale:

  • 60% discount on power banks
  • Up to 45% off on Sony products
  • 15% off on Kitchen appliances

Top Deals and Offers:

  • Save $34 on Queen sized bed sheets
  • Pay $80 less on Xbox with $40 gift card
  • Sony Headphones for just $280

6. Amazon Year-End Sale

Amazon Year-End Sale is just the right way to end your year on a happy note. Amazon offers gift cards and other perks around the year, and this sale is the place to utilize those add-ons. This sale is held in the last week of December and the year, as it brings discounts on a selected range so that people can explore more products and save more before the year ends. You can save up to 60% on musical instruments and sound equipment. This sale offers many great deals on all products. Alternatively, customers can take advantage of Bath and Body Works sales on the Amazon store to grab products at half the price, or even get free products. Do check them out.

Key Highlights of Amazon Year-End Sale:

  • Discount up to 50% on men's wallets
  • 45% off on electric toothbrushes and toys
  • Save huge on microphones and other sound equipment

Top Deals and Offers:

  • Get a beginner electric guitar kit for just $120
  • Pay $12 for Rainbow Fish toy
  • Sony Boombox for just $280

7. New Year's Sale

Though people make resolutions every new year, Amazon brings each category into the sale section to help its customers to start their new year with a smile on their faces. Amazon's New Year's Sale gives massive discounts on cameras, headphones, home appliances, kitchen appliances, and all the categories that you can think of. This can be the perfect time to upgrade your house as Amazon users can find up to 50% discount on home appliances. In the New Year's Sale, you can get discounts on many top brands like Apple, Dyson, and Sony.

Key Highlights of Amazon New Year's Sale:

  • 30% off on Dyson vacuum cleaners
  • Up to 25% discount on Sony Alpha camera
  • 15% price cut on Apple products

Top Offers and Discounts:

  • Pay only $190 for Apple AirPods Pro
  • Dyson Air Purifier for just $400
  • $340 for an Insignia 50-inch smart TV instead of $500

8. President's Day Sale

President's Day Sale is considered to be one of the most underrated sales of the year. This sale is overshadowed by major sales, but users don't know that this sale has more surprises than one can imagine. This sale is held in the month of February, where users around the United States can grab onto some of the best deals of the year. You will be saving a ton on music accessories, fitness accessories, and home appliances as well. One can get discounts of up to 45% on kitchen appliances.

Key Highlights of Amazon President’s Day Sale:

  • Up to 45% off on Kitchen appliances
  • 25% discount on 4K Smart TV
  • Price cut of 20% on AirPods Pro

Top Deals and Offers:

  • LG OLED 4K TV for just $1800
  • Ninja kitchen system for $120
  • Pay only $54 for Panasonic body hair trimmer

9. Easter Sale

April brings Easter day, and that brings Easter Sale from Amazon. So this Easter, Amazon doesn't limit its consumers to buying only Easter decorations, or Bunnies as users can avail of jaw-dropping discounts on home appliances as well. If you are wondering what is the deal that can catch your attention, then you will be surprised to hear that you can get up to a 45% price cut on refrigerators, washing machines, and a 4K TV. let's not forget about toys as gifting those have always been a tradition on Easter, you can also check out toy dealsthat we have to get amazing discounts on various stores.

Key Highlights of Amazon's Easter Sale

  • Discount up to 30% on Easter decorations
  • 45% off on refrigerators and televisions
  • Foam Mattress with up to 40% price cut

Top Sales and Deals

  • Pay only $30 for a $50 inflatable Easter Bunny
  • $450 for a Samsung 4K TV
  • Save $400 on Nector Memory Foam Mattress

10. Mother's Day Sale

We all know that mothers don't expect anything from us for the things and hard work they have done for us, but why not gift them something through Amazon's Mother's Day Sale? You can find great gifts that they will surely love such as handpicked gifts, clothing, handbags, footwear, and many other things. Why not gift them some new innovative kitchen gadgets that can make their cooking easier? It’s the least that we can do, right? It is never too late to connect our mothers to smart devices, they will be able to enjoy music without washing their hands, and they can also do other small chores without any hassle through other smart gadgets.

Key Highlights of Mother's Day Sale:

  • 57% discount on Amazon Echo Show
  • 45% off on Alexa-enabled speakers
  • Save up to 25% on Brand new refrigerators

Top Offers and Deals:

  • Pay $ 70 less for a handheld coffee blender
  • Premium Hair dryers starting from $ 20
  • Save up to $ 200 on premium leather handbags for women

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11. Memorial Day Sale

Memorial Day Sale is something we never think of catching as most of us believe that this sale is not a major one. But what others don't know and you will come to know now is that Amazon offers one of the most unbelievable deals on Memorial Day. Clothing is the most highlighted part of Amazon's Memorial day sale, as you can avail of up to 60% discounts on big brands like Bulova, Anne Klein, and much more. Something unique about this sale is that groceries are also on sale at price cuts that will shock you. So, let's look at some of the highlights of this sale.

Key Highlights of Amazon Memorial Day Sale:

  • Up to 60% discount on Amazon-exclusive products
  • Save up to $400 on 4K television
  • 20% off on headphones and earphones

Top Sales and Deals:

  • Pay only $230 for Bose headphones
  • $200 for an HP 28-inch 4k Monitor
  • Asus Chromebook for C434 for $220

12. Father's Day Sale

Amazon's Father's Day Sale is one of the most underrated sales of the year. Users can save a lot in the month of June because of this sale. Amazon gives discounts to its products that one will not be able to resist and might end up buying or presenting as a gift to their father. Users can find coffee mugs, watches, and t-shirts with dad jokes that are specially made for dads, or why not give your father the comfort that he needs while availing of these exclusive promo codes from Adidas? You can also save up to 63% on Amazon Echo and other Echo speakers. You can also get yourself a Blink Video doorbell to make the experience more convenient and secure.

Key Highlights of Amazon's Father's Day Sale:

  • Up to 63% discount on Amazon Echo Dot
  • 20% discount on mugs and watches
  • Save up to 45% on lawnmowers and garage tools

Top Deals and Offers:

  • Pay $16 for a T-shirt with dad jokes
  • $5 for a premium quality greeting Card
  • Garage tool organizer for just $30

13. The 4th of July Sale

Holidays are the best time to do shopping, be it online or offline, especially on the joyous occasion of Independence Day. Most users prefer to buy new appliances for their homes, but Amazon is providing massive discounts on everything. The 4th of July sale is an occasion in itself as it offers massive discounts on all the products, be it for your room, kitchen, garden, or personal space. You can save up to $60 on a brand-new Apple Watch. The biggest highlight of this sale is that users can get 55% off Amazon Fire 55-inch 4K TV.

Key Highlights of Amazon's 4th of July Sale:

  • Up to 45% on beauty products and clothing
  • 20% off on living room furniture
  • Save up to 35% on refrigerators, dishwashers, and more

Top Deals and Offers:

  • Pay $15 for a $30 Neck Pillow
  • Cooler and Humidifier for just $300
  • Women's trimmer for $22 only

14. Prime Day Sale

Prime Members behold and sit tight for the Amazon Prime Day Sale to grab all the opportunities one day before any other users, as they get early access to this sale. You can get discounts on thousands of products and no categories are excluded on this occasion. So make your wish list before this amazing 2-day sale starts in July. This sale has got everything with up to 40% discount to make your day well spent on shopping. You can grab amazing products from not only top brands, but also some innovative new gadgets from small brands.

Key Highlights of Amazon Prime Day Sale:

  • Up to 70% discount on Amazon Hardware
  • 35% discount on Adidas Fashion
  • Pay all-time low for Apple Brand New products

Top Sales and Deals:

  • Pay $60 less for the latest Apple Watch
  • Save up to $250 on a Gaming mouse, keyboards, and headsets
  • MacBook Air for $900 instead of $1050

15. Big Labor Day

Amazon's Labor Day Sale can help you a lot in fulfilling your fashion goals, as users can get up to 60% discount on fashion clothing. This sale will be coming in the month of September to not only upgrade your wardrobe but also fill your homes with new furniture. Labor Day Sale puts new gadgets on sale, you can try the innovations that you have been seeing on your TV screen for a long time. You can also get yourself a comforting memory foam futon to experience luxury whenever it is your time to chill out. This labor day will be more special and extra with H&M deals, which will surely help you in saving up a ton.

Key Highlights of Amazon's Big Labor Day Sale:

  • 40% off on Memory Foam Futon
  • Save 37% on Crocs with retired colors
  • 60% discount on clothes from Zara, and other top clothing brands

Top Deals and Offers:

  • Pay $32 for a REVLON Hair Dryer
  • Get a Dyson Ball Multi-Floor in just $310
  • Hamilton Coffee Maker for $45 only

16. Prime Big Deal Days

Get set for some big shopping fun with Prime Big Deal Days on October 10th and 11th! If you’re a Prime member, you can enjoy super-fast Same-Day, One-Day, and Two-Day Delivery on lots of stuff, plus cool discounts that are just for Prime folks. And if you like shopping at Amazon Fresh stores, you’ll even get free shipping when you spend $150 or more. But here’s the neat part: you can shop all week and have everything you buy show up on your doorstep in one go on a single day. So, grab your calendar, make your shopping list, and get ready for awesome deals and savings during Prime Big Deal Days!

Key Highlights of Prime Big Deal Days:

  • Lightning-fast Same-Day, One-Day, and Two-Day Delivery on a wide range of items.
  • Exclusive discounts and savings for Prime members across various product categories.
  • Shop throughout the week and receive all your orders on a single day for added convenience.

Top Deals and Offers:

  • Free shipping on Amazon Fresh store orders totaling $150 or more.
  • 60% discount on smart home security.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch for just $210.


Bookmark this page to stay updated about all the Amazon's upcoming sales and offers. Our team will also help you out with the savings by providing you with free coupons to make the most out of every purchase.


1. What is the most popular product category on Amazon?
Fashion clothing and electronics are considered to be the most popular products at Amazon.

2. Which sale provides the maximum discount on each product?
Black Friday and Amazon Prime day sales are some of the sales that provide the highest discount on each product.

3. How often does Amazon give sales?
Amazon Gives sales at least twice a month. You can also catch 24-hour flash sales every now and then.

4. Can I use coupons while shopping from Amazon?
Yes, you can always use different promotional codes while shopping at Amazon.

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