15 Best Trendy Clothing Websites in the USA


In a world where the way you look goes a long way in determining how you’re perceived, it’s doubly essential to invest time into deciding the place where you purchase your clothes from. There is an abundance of platforms out there that promise to bring you outfits that are in sync with the latest fashion trends. To simplify your task, we have compiled this comprehensive list of the best trendy clothing websites in the USA that you can check out.

Top 15 Trending Clothing Websites

Check out this list of the best trendy clothing websites in the USA that’ll make it easy for you to pick what suits you the most.

1. H&M

One of the most globally-recognized clothing brands, H&M is the go-to option for those who want to compromise neither on quality nor style. The company has become uber popular among the youth due to its wide-ranging catalog of clothes that are trendy and much more than just fast and disposable fashion.

Whether you’re heading out for a party, a top-level executive meeting, or just another casual day out with friends, no matter who you are and what your requirement is, H&M has you covered!

Why H&M?

  • The brand’s line of sustainable fashion, which includes outfits made of eco-friendly and toxic-free materials, is a big hit among its legion of customers.
  • Despite being a juggernaut in the fashion industry, H&M’s mantra of delivering the finest clothes at affordable prices is their biggest USP.

Offers: Being a consumer-friendly brand, H&M is always at the forefront of providing coupons to its customers, many of which you can also find at GrabOn.

2. Asos

This British brand was established in 2000, with its outfits aimed at young adults who have a penchant for something out-of-the-box. Though Asos is primarily a women’s clothing brand, customers can also access their range of men’s outfits that, if not as vast as the women’s range, is still pretty impressive.

Apart from clothing, there’s a lot to explore and shop here, including beauty products and other accessories like belts, purses, and loads more. Speaking of exploring more, do check out our list of best online shopping websites, where you can find virtually everything that you desire and need!

Why Asos?

  • Customers of all body types can find the right pick for themselves here, making Asos a truly inclusive place that caters to everyone.
  • The company’s special “College Checklist” section includes the funkiest of outfits that you can pick from, depending upon your personality.

Offers: Customers can save as much as close to 50% on select outfits.


An eclectic fashion brand, DKNY has been around for close to four decades now. Just like Asos, though the New York-based company is primarily known for women’s clothing, it has an equally splendid assortment of men’s outfits.

A brainchild of eminent fashion designer Donna Karan, DKNY is always at the forefront of embracing the latest trends and coming up with outfits accordingly. Be it casual, formal, sports, or any other type of wear, you’re most likely to find just what you need at DKNY without any hassle.


  • Though it’s a premium fashion house, the company sells products in price ranges, ensuring it’s affordable for customers of all economic strata.
  • DKNY comes up with a new range of clothing specially-curated for every season, which ensures the brand’s outfits never become irrelevant.

Offers: Customers can get discounts of 30-60% on all their purchases of select clothes. For more exclusive DKNY coupons, you can also check out GrabOn.


A rage among the youth, SHEIN is arguably the most popular brand on this list, considering how massive a following it has on social media. The brand is such a phenomenon that by simply scrolling through various platforms, you can find innumerable content creators trying out its clothes.

SHEIN has made its presence felt in more than 150 countries globally, where it caters to all categories, be it women, men, and even kids.


  • If you’re someone who wants nothing but the trendiest clothes that go well with your personality, SHEIN is the place to go for.
  • Customers can find the funkiest and, at the same time, most cost-effective clothes below under $10 at SHIEN.

Offers: First-time users can register and get a discount of 10% on their purchases.


Next on our list is HYFVE, another fashion brand that consistently reimagines the existing trends and curates outfits that could take your breath away. The company manufactures only women’s clothing that isn’t just spunky to look at but is also incredibly comfortable to wear as they come in all shapes and sizes.


  • Unlike most brands on this list, HYFVE doesn’t only target the young demographic but has something for virtually everyone.
  • Its range of clothing works with renowned designers to keep up with modern trends and deliver the best output for its legion of customers.

Offers: The sale section on HYFVE’s official website allows you to access all the clothes, where you can avail yourself of some cool discounts.

6. Revolve

This premium lifestyle brand for millennials and generation Z is the perfect option for those customers who are eager to embrace new-age fashion trends.

Revolve’s catalog of men’s and women’s clothing is some of the best on the market today, not just because of how trendy they are but also due to the top-tier quality of the materials they use to manufacture their products.

Why Revolve?

  • The company is dedicated to its efforts to promote sustainability by manufacturing clothes that are eco-friendly.
  • Customers can consult with Revolve’s team of style experts before purchasing to get vital professional insights.

Offers: There’s a “Sale” section on Revolve’s official website, where customers can get big discounts on their purchases.

7. American Eagle

American Eagle is close to a 45-year-old brand, building a reputation for being the go-to choice of youngsters seeking clothes that are just fashionable as they are comfortable. Apart from its enormous offline business with more than 900 stores globally, the clothing company also has a great and thriving online presence.

From jackets, tops, skirts, jeans, bottoms, and much more for both women and men, American Eagle is sure to deliver no matter what you need.

Why American Eagle?

  • Most of the company’s clothes are affordable and pocket-friendly, though there’s no compromise on the quality of the products.
  • American Eagle is an inclusive brand, meaning customers of all body types and sizes can find something for themselves here.

Offers: Upon purchasing 3 or more items, customers can get a 30% discount.

8. Nordstrom

Established more than a century ago, back in 1901, Nordstrom is a highly-revered and trusted clothing company that has won over customers through the sheer quality of its products. Despite being a vintage brand, they constantly reinvent the wheel by coming up with newer and funkier designs that sit well with the youth.

Nordstrom has an extensive range of clothes for men, women, and even kids, becoming the one-stop shopping destination for the whole family.

Why Nordstrom?

  • The company is the perfect option for customers looking to upscale their fashion quotient with high-end and luxurious clothing choices.
  • Nordstrom offers free shipping and free returns for its customers, no matter what the value of the purchase is.

Offers: By just clicking on the “Sale” option on Nordstrom’s website, customers can make some handsome savings on their purchases.

9. Shopbop

Another millennial-targeting brand that caters to the needs and wants of a generation whose fashion choices are ever-changing and eclectic, Shopbop is another great addition to this list. The company has a wide range of clothes from the best designers across the globe, for both men and women.

Why Shopbop:

  • Shopbop has a carefully-curated catalog of clothes for every season, ensuring all your wearable requirements are met.
  • Customers can customize their choices by getting in touch with the company’s team of style experts that provide the best insights.

Offers: You can save as much as 60% on purchases of select clothes.

10. Cotton On

One of the biggest Australian clothing retailers, Cotton On is a reputed name globally, with its range of men’s and women’s wear being extremely popular and savvy. Since it was established in 1988, the company has slowly spread its wings across the world, tapping into a segment of the market that’s always ready to experiment and innovate with its clothing choices.

Why Cotton On?

  • Apart from trendy clothing options, you can also check out an exclusive range of NBA merchandise that could pique your interest.
  • Cotton On is always at the forefront of social and environmental issues, selling products that are eco-friendly and fashionable at the same time.

Offers: Customers can save close to 50% on the purchase of select clothes.

11. Dolce and Gabbana

This luxurious Italian fashion brand has left a great global imprint, thanks to the otherworldly quality of its outfits. Dolce and Gabbana are much more than your regular clothing company owing to its rich history and presence at various fashion festivals, where its clothes are featured alongside those of the biggest designers.

Customers of all ages can find something for themselves here as the company has an extensive range of outfits for men, women, and as well as kids.

Why Dolce and Gabbana?

  • No matter if you seek something funky, traditional, or vintage, you’re sure to find something for yourself here at Dolce and Gabbana.
  • Though the company’s clothes and other products may be slightly costlier than other entries in the list, the quality more than makes up for it.

Offers: Customers can acquire the Gift Card offered by Dolce and Gabbana, through which they can make some cool savings on their purchases.

12. Farfetch

A leading luxury fashion house, Farfetch is a British-Portuguese company that has slowly and steadily become the ideal place for shoppers who want to check out the best of modern fashion trends. The e-commerce platform has cutting-edge designs and outfits from more than 1400 brands from nearly 50 countries.

Considering it has so many major brands under its umbrella, the company caters to all categories of shoppers, be it men, women, or kids.

Why Farfetch?

  • The platform connects the world with its range of clothes from different countries and continents, leaving you spoilt for choice!
  • Farfetch is the go-to brand for customers who want to strike the perfect balance between luxury clothing and pocket-friendly rates.

Offers: Customers can get a 15% discount on their first purchase

13. Macy’s

The American retail giant is a widely-reputed name whose entry into the e-commerce market has yielded equally positive results.

Macy’s sells everything that you could imagine, but it’s their line of clothing that has grabbed the attention of shoppers, especially youngsters, whose fashion choices keep evolving with every passing day. Whether it’s for men, women, or kids, you can find the right outfits for every category here.

Why Macy’s?

  • The company allows you to get in touch with one of their stylists, who will provide you with pro tips before you purchase your clothes.
  • Macy’s caters to customers of all body types and sizes, paving the way for a truly inclusive shopping place.

Offers: Customers can get 25% off on their outfits by using special promo codes.

14. Boohoo

This British company champions the concept of body positivity, empowering customers of all body sizes by providing a wide range of outfits for everyone. Though Boohoo is primarily a women’s clothing and fashion brand, they also have an assortment of impressive outfits for men that you can check out.

No matter what occasion, be it an important day at the office or a much-awaited date night, you can find whatever you need here.

Why Boohoo:

  • The company also has several recycled clothing options, which environment-conscious customers can go for.
  • Boohoo has impressive filtering options, where customers can check out clothes on the basis of their body size and occasion.

Offer: As part of the summer sale, customers can get as much as 80% off on purchasing select outfits.

Latest Fashion Trends in the USA

It’s no secret that the USA is the hotbed of fashion, where you can find people sporting and embracing all the latest trends and designs. No matter what time of the year it is or the season, fashion choices in the country keep evolving, with newer, funkier, and unique ideas emerging every now and then. Here are a few trends that are currently the rage among the general public today!

Color Clashing: It’s a common practice to wear colors that contrast each other to ensure it’s pleasing to the eyes. However, what seems to be trending these days is adopting a color-clashing approach, as per which one wears two distinct colors to stand apart from others in the crowd and make a unique fashion statement.

Dark Academia: This fashion trend is the perfect choice for all history enthusiasts since it is steeped in the culture and art of the bygone era with a focus on vintage stylings. It closely resembles the kind of clothes that are worn in high-end private schools and is also partly inspired by Greek mythology.

Wide Leg Pants: It’s about time you give yourself some respite from wearing tight jeans and try out wide-leg pants that are incredibly comfortable and comforting.

Tiger Prints: Though many consider it an outdated trend, one which was popular among the previous generations, clothes with tiger prints seem to be having a much-deserved revival among the youth today.

As we mentioned previously, fashion trends keep evolving with every passing day, and it’s hard to keep up with them. However, we hope our attempt to make you aware of everything that’s making noise in the fashion world at the moment proves to be the perfect guidebook when you begin hunting for the right dress!


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