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Costco Upcoming Sales & Deals In 2023

Costco is one of the leading retail companies in the world. It offers a range of products across categories including electronics, automotive, groceries, beauty care, health care, furniture, home improvement, office supplies, and anything you can name, including pharmacy.

The brand is popularly known for offering its products at low cost and also holding various sales throughout the year with great discounts on all products. Be it special holiday sales, festive sales, or anything like clearance sales, or Costco member-exclusive sales, the platform attracts millions of customers each year for each sale.

In 2023, Costco has some crazy deals planned for all its sales that are sure to excite you. In this blog post, you may learn about Costco's upcoming sales for this year, and all the deals, discounts, and offers it has to offer. So, without any delay, take a look at this list, and make the most out of it.

Costco Coupons

What is the next upcoming Costco Sale?

Costco Upcoming Sales

Expected Dates Deals/offers
Christmas Sale 25th December 2023 Up to 50% off on a wide variety of products

The next upcoming Costco Sale is the Christmas Sale, where you can avail yourself of maximum discounts on your most awaited products. This sale will cover many products with discounts that have never been seen before. You can save up tons on the latest gadgets as well.

Costco Live Sales and Deals

Costco Sale Date of the Sale Deals/Offers
The Twelve Days of Holiday Deals Live Now!

(Until 12th December 2023)

Get up to $4500 off on electronics and various markdowns and dollar-offs on select products from sitewide categories
Clearance Sale After all the major sales Save up to 35% on Chromebooks
Costco Hotbuys 4 times a year 10% off on electronic products

These fantastic deals are like shooting stars here one moment, gone the next! So, don't you wait and miss out on them. Grab your shopping cart and let’s make some magic happen ASAP!

Costco Upcoming Sale 2023 Full List with Date & Offers


Costco Upcoming Sales

Expected Dates Deals/offers
Clearance Sale After all the major sales

Save up to 35% on Chromebooks

Father's Day Sale

June 2023 40% off on sportswear
New Year's Day Sale 1-5 January 2023

50% off on Fitness Equipment

President's Day Sale

20 February 2023 35% discounts on Refrigerators
Easter Sale 9 April 2023

45% off on Chocolates and Toys

Mother's Day Sale

14 May 2023 40% discount on foods and chocolate
Memorial Day Sale 29 May 2023

Save 40% on furniture

Costco Hotbuys

4 times a year

10% off on electronic products

Warehouse Savings

June 11 2023 40% off on sportswear
4th of July Sale 4 July 2023

35% savings on kitchen appliances

Pre-Holiday Online Saving Event

Before major sales 30% off on luggage
Big Labor Day Sale 4 September 2023

Save 40% on mattresses

Members Only Saving Event

Once a month Up to 40% discount on selected products

Autumn Sale

27 September 2023 Buy a minimum of 5 to 9 eligible items to save $20. Purchase 10+ eligible items for $50 savings
Clearance Sale After all the major sales Save up to 35% on Chromebooks
Costco Hotbuys 4 times a year 10% off on electronic products

Halloween Sale

31 October 2023 Up to 70% off on Decorations
Black Friday Sale 12-25 November 2023

Save 35% on self-care products

Cyber Monday Sale

25-28 November 2023 45% discount on gadgets

You can see from the above table that Costco is providing some of the best deals that you shouldn't miss under any circumstances, but if for any reason you missed to catch these, we have great deals and coupons from Costcoto make amend for those.

Costco Upcoming Sales and Deals – 2023

This is the complete list of all the sales that will be held by Costco in 2023. We will also be highlighting the major categories that will be on sale so that you can get the best of the best deals and offers.

1. Halloween Sale

Halloween is all about holidays and enjoyment with the little ones and eating foods and sweets throughout the holiday. Costco offers amazing discounts on the food category from wafers to chocolate bars, you can get great deals to fill your personal food stash to go for a month. Some of the products that have huge discounts than usual are cookies, apple kits, chocolate candies, and flavor mix boxes. Costco's Halloween Sale is not limited to food and sweets only, users can find pocket-friendly savings on decorations such as LED lights with various colors to suit different moods.

Key Highlights of the Costco Halloween Sale

  • Save up to $20 on LED artificial pot
  • 15% discount on scented candles
  • 20% off on Halloween LED lights

Tops Deals and Offers

  • Buy 1 Kirkland Funhouse Treats and save $3
  • Get an M&M full size pack for just $29
  • Pay only $10 for Caramel Bites

2. Black Friday Sale

Costco's Black Friday Sale is 2 weeks long. Exciting, right? But things go out of stock as soon as they are put on sale. This sale is for both online users as well as warehouse members. Each and every product has massive discounts with them, as most of these price cuts by Costco are all-time low and hard to find. Electronics, the latest laptops, clothes, home appliances, kitchen appliances, drinks, and any other item that you spot on Costco are included in the Black Friday Sale. The Latest Apple products and other top brands' gadgets are also on sale, so rush to these sales as you won't find the things that you were waiting for if you delay visiting Costco. The latest offers by GameStop can also be irresistible for all the gamers and collectors out there.

Key Highlights of Costco Black Friday Sale

  • 10% discount on the latest Apple products
  • 25% off on Gaming chairs and other furniture
  • Save up to 35% on self-care products

Tops Deals and Offers

  • Pay $150 less for the latest Apple MacBook
  • Google Nest Thermostat for $80 less
  • Self-care products start at $50

3. Cyber Monday

Costco is closed on Thanksgiving, so to compensate for that it stretches its online Cyber Monday Sale for three days. This online sale attracts customers from far places to order things online, as users can find jaw-dropping price cuts on various electronics and home appliances. You can also spot discounts on the latest gadgets that are not even available from most of the other giant retailers, let alone at a discounted rate. You can get up to 45% off on gadgets from top brands such as Dyson, Google, Sony, Seagate, and many others.

Key Highlights of Costco Cyber Monday Sale

  • 20% discount on the latest intel-powered laptops
  • 35% savings on gold accessories
  • Curved monitors with up to 42% off

Tops Deals and Offers

  • Latest HP Pavilion Laptop for just $900
  • 14kt Gold earrings for only $135
  • Pay $ 180 less for a Dyson cordless Vacuum cleaner

4. Costco Clearance Sale

After the huge discounts sale on Christmas by Costco comes to an end, there are always some markdowns that are left behind. We have picked out some amazing deals and offers from Costco's Clearance Sale that will leave you speechless. Users can get discounts on beauty and wellness products, furniture, electronics, and appliances. Save up to 35% on the latest Chromebooks by Asus, and other top brands. December is not the only time when Costco throws a clearance sale, it happens twice or thrice a year, depending on the stocks and markdowns throughout the year.

Key Highlights of Costco Clearance Sale

  • Save 35% on Chromebooks by top brands
  • Huge price cuts on home decor
  • Discounts of up to 15% on furniture

Tops Deals and Offers

  • Pay $65 less for an Outdoor fireplace with a cooking grill
  • $9 for a beautiful smoothing shampoo and conditioner bundle
  • Bouche crystal floor lamp for just $65

5. Warehouse Savings

Going to Costco Warehouses has its own perks in terms of availing of discounts. Instead of using coupons, users get massive discounts while making the final payment of their purchases in Costco warehouses. These discounts are only applicable to Costco Members and Coupon Book holders. Most of the items that are included in Costco's Warehouse Instant Savings are food and groceries, and some kitchen dish sets. You can get a minimum discount of $2 on a regular cereal box or more.

Key Highlights of Costco's Warehouse Instant Saving:

  • A minimum discount of $2 on regular Cereal Boxes
  • Up to 10% off on coffee makers
  • Save up to 25% on selected household equipment

Top Deals and Offers:

  • Save $6 on raw almonds and chocolate variety packs
  • Pay $71 only for a 16L mayonnaise
  • Buy a pack of 20 bottles of 330mL for just $20

6. Costco Hotbuys

Costco brings Hotbuys sales many times a year to clear out some of the old products. If you have bought any of the products that are on sale within 30 days and you are not satisfied with the pricing, you can contact Costco’s Customer support to get price adjustments. Here, you will find price cuts on all the categories such as foods, vitamin supplements, televisions, Apple products, furniture, jackets, and many more. Besides this, you can get up to a 10% discount on electronics.

Key Highlights of Costco Hotbuys

  • Discounts of up to 20% on gadgets
  • Save 5% on Apple products
  • Up to 15% savings on food and groceries

Top Deals and Sales

  • Buy a Red Velvet Layer cake for just $15
  • Pay $110 less for MacBook Pro
  • Save $20 on selected sets of children's books

7. New Year's Day Sale

Costco brings forth some of the best deals that one can find online, but this sale is not limited to online, you can also go to the Costco warehouse and fill your cart with the things that can help you kick start the New Year. You can find jaw-dropping price cuts on selected ranges of products such as sportswear, fitness accessories, bikes, scooters, and boards. During this New Year sale, get your hands on all the premium quality products from top brands, and make the best out of this deal as it offers up to 50% savings on dumbbells, smartwatches, and rowing machines. Apart from Costco, you can also find great offers from Wilson for discounted sports equipment.

Key Highlights of Costco New Year's Sale

  • 50% discount on fitness accessories, plus free Inspire Fitness App subscription for a year.
  • 30% off on smartwatches from top brands like Casio, Versace, etc.
  • Save up to 40% on fashion clothing including jackets, footwear, dresses, shirts, and more.

Tops Deals and Offers

  • Pay $10 less for a Yoga Mat (pack of 2)
  • 3 Swimming goggles for just $15
  • Dumbbell set for $20 only

08. President's Day Sale

Costco's President's Day Sale is one of those sales that one shouldn't miss, as things go out of stock as soon as you see those are about to put them in your cart. This sale lasts for a week in the month of February and brings massive discounts on kitchen appliances and mattresses. You can get yourself a refrigerator for a price as low as $550 because of markdowns and offers by Costco. You can also avail yourself of these latest offers from Mattress Firm because this is the best time to enhance the standard of your sleep. Other appliances can also be upgraded as this sale offers that can't be taken lightly. Let us look at some of Costco’s deals and offers on the President’s Day Sale.

Key Highlights of Costco President's Day Sale

  • Up to 35% off on premium refrigerators
  • Save 25% on appliances
  • Discount of up to 20% on home furniture

Tops Deals and Offers

  • Save $150 on Memory Foam Mattress
  • Samsung Microwave for just $449
  • $85 for a Fitbit tracker

09. Easter Sale

Easter is one of the most celebrated festivals in the United States. You all must go to the Costco Warehouse to get yourself free samples, after all, how can we say no to that, especially during the Holiday season? And this Easter will not be only about Easter Bunnies and decorations, as Costco, just like every year, has got some massive discounts on a variety of products from handbags to gourmet food. You can also get gift goodies such as gift cards which can give you up to 45% off on chocolates and gifts. Users can also check out these chocolate offers to give their loved ones the perfect souvenir.

Key Highlights of Costco Easter Sale

  • Save up to25% on necklace
  • Discounts of 20% on chocolate cookies
  • Up to 30% on the latest laptops

Tops Deals and Offers

  • $17 for a knit throw and bedsheets
  • Pay $70 less for AI Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  • The latest laptop starts at $650 only

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10. Mother's Day Sale

Gifting chocolates, flowers, or any other item for our mother can be a huge hassle for many of us, but Costco has got some amazing collections of gift sets that will win the hearts of your caretaker. Gifting a bouquet of flowers, a chocolate box or a necklace has been made easy with Costco's warehouse or the official website. The most highlighting gift for most of you, as soon as you enter the warehouse, will be a bouquet including 50 stems. You can get up to a 40% discount on chocolate boxes and a few other items.

Key Highlights of Costco Mother's Day Sale

  • 40% off on chocolate boxes and gift baskets
  • Save 20% on clothes and accessories
  • 15% discount on selected kitchen appliances

Tops Deals and Offers

  • $55 for a bouquet of 50 flowers
  • Pay only $60 for a gift basket containing sweets
  • Buy a gold necklace for just $299

11. Memorial Day Sale

Memorial Day is one of the best times to upgrade our products and the house. In the month of May, Costco offers massive discounts on laptops, kitchen appliances, home appliances, and other electronic products with its Memorial Day Sale. Users can find up to 30% discount on the latest laptops. Memorial Day also brings extra benefits for members, where they can save 40% on furniture, laundry, earphones, tablets, and many other electronic products.

Key Highlights of Costco Memorial Day Sale

  • 30% discount on indoor furniture
  • 25% off on 4K television
  • Save up to 20% on kitchen appliances

Tops Deals and Offers

  • Pay $500 less for a luxurious couch
  • $4000 for 7-piece leather furniture
  • LG 4K TV for just $550

12. Father's Day Sale

Giving gifts to show our appreciation is the most preferable way to show how grateful we are for our father. Costco gives some of the best deals out there on the occasion of Father's Day. Costco's Father's Day Sale brings great discounts on Gift cards, Shaving and grooming products, tool kits, golf essentials, BBQ tools, and some modern gadgets in the month of June. Users can save up to 40% on Golf Balls and sportswear, and a few other products and categories. This Father's Day you can also gift your father luxury watches and also enjoy massive deals from Watchshopping.

Key Highlights of Costco Father's Day Sale

  • Discount of up to 40% on sportswear and golf balls
  • Save 15% on Coffee makers
  • 25% off on shaving and grooming kits

Tops Deals and Offers

  • $180 off on minibikes
  • Pay only $30 for a pack of 24 golf balls
  • Puma Men's sportswear starting from $20

13. 4th of July Sale

We all know how exciting the Independence sale can be in our country, people from all age categories want some or other things to make the most out of this sale. Costco's 4th of July Sale can be insanely budget-friendly to all customers and shoppers. You can catch this sale on their official website or Costco's Warehouses as these discounts grab the crowds from all around the town. People can save up to $1300 on selected products such as grills, furniture, the latest gadgets, and home appliances.

Key Highlights of Costco 4th of July Sale

  • Save up to 35% on kitchen appliances
  • Discount of 25% on furniture
  • Buy the latest gadgets with up to 30% off

Tops Deals and Offers

  • Burner Gas Grill for just $520, instead of $650
  • Get a Patio heater with a tripod for $160 only
  • $1200 for a wi-fi enabled Instaview refrigerator

14. Pre-Holiday Online Saving Event

Costco throws pre-holiday saving events on its online platform from time to time. These sales can be held before any major sales and are also exclusively held on Costco’s online platform. These sales bring great deals and bargains on luggage, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, and many other products that are usually left unchecked because of other popular products that take the spotlight of any sale. Users can have the luxury of enjoying discounts of up to 30% on any of the categories mentioned above and products.

Key Highlights of Costco Pre-Holiday Saving Event:

  • Save minimum of 30% on luggage and sunglasses
  • Discounts of up to 15% on gardening tools and watches
  • 7% discount on foods and groceries

Top Sales and Deals

  • Save $14 on sunglasses
  • Pay only $250 for a lawn mower
  • Premium watches start from $85 only

15. Big Labor Day Sale

Costco's Labor Day Sale is one of the major sales that you shouldn't miss out on, as it offers great discounts similar to Black Friday Sale events. This sale is held by Costco in the month of September. It offers massive discounts on a wide range of categories including kitchen appliances, home appliances, food and groceries, fashion and clothing, and many other categories that one can think of. You can get up to a 40% discount on mattresses and furniture. Most of the deals are for Costco Members only. Let's look at some of the highlights of the upcoming Labor Day Sale on Costco.

Key Highlights of Costco Labor Day Sale

  • Discount of up to 40% on mattresses
  • Save 20% on kitchen and home appliances
  • 35% off on Fashion clothes and accessories

Tops Deals and Offers

  • Pay $300 less for a side-by-side refrigerator
  • Save $90 on a microwave
  • $400 off on a patio set

16. Member Only Saving Events

Every month, Costco sends its Coupon booklets to each of its members. These books have all the products that are available at discounted rates for them and they can easily avail of these offers while shopping at any of the Costco Warehouses and sometimes online too. These in-store deals by Costco's coupon books offer amazing deals and offers have been able to make customers become members of Costco over the past many years as these deals are not less than any other major festive sales. Costco's Members-only Discount ranges anywhere between $5 to $1000 off as it depending on the product.

Key Highlights of Costco's Coupon Books and Members-Only Sale:

  • Discounts of up to $2,699.99 on electronics such as OLED and QLED TVs, Refrigerators, Dishwashers, and more.
  • Save a minimum of 5% on all products
  • A minimum discount of $200 on furniture

Top Sales and Deals:

  • Pay only $899 for a Halladay Console
  • Save $120 on the latest Chromebook
  • Live Edge Dining Table for just $560

17. Autumn Sale

As the leaves begin to change, Costco welcomes you to the Autumn Sale, a seasonally curated event designed to introduce you to the latest collections and significant savings on a wide range of products. Embrace the coziness of fall with a selection of warm, quality clothing essentials and outdoor gear. You can also explore an assorted selection of seasonal decor that adds charm to your living spaces. Plus, members can take advantage of exclusive discounts and access to member-only products during this limited-time event. Visit your local Costco or the official website to discover all that our Autumn Sale has to offer and make the most of this opportunity.

Key Highlights of Costco's Autumn Sale:

  • Markdowns on various styles of jackets for men and women from top brands
  • Free Ground Shipping via UPS on all eligible products

Top Sales and Deals:

  • Save up to $50 on purchase of 10 or more eligible products
  • Up to $5 off on Member-only items


To stay updated about all the upcoming sales and deals from Costco, bookmark this website. You can also learn more about other sales and saving tricks on our official website. Or take a look at Amazon's latest sales to strike a better deal.


1. How can I get exclusive deals and offers on Costco?
You can sign up for the Costco Membership program, and you will get a Coupons Book every month to avail yourself of exclusive deals.

2. Can I use coupons in Costco Warehouses?
No. Users cannot use coupons from general manufacturers as Costco offers its own sales and deals through the mail.

3. How often does Costco provide sales?
Costco holds many sales in a year, you can catch up to 20 sales in a year, big or small

4. Which one is better, Costco Warehouse or the Costco website sale?
Both Costco Warehouse and Costco Website have exclusive deals and perks during all sales including clearance sales, member-only sales, and other exclusives.

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