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Halloween might be about costumes and frightful fun, but it’s also about the candy. As we approach this spooktacular season, knowing where to find the best deals on Halloween candy can make all the difference.

From online giants like Amazon to local supermarkets, this article will guide you through 20 of the best places for scoring sweet treats at unbeatable prices. So, if you’re looking to satisfy your cravings or stock up for trick-or-treaters without breaking the bank, keep reading – you’re in the right place!

Best Online Stores That Offer Deals On Halloween Candy

As Halloween rapidly approaches, it’s crucial to know where the sweetest bargains are hiding. Our guide offers an invaluable breakdown of stores offering the most bang for your buck on confections for trick-or-treaters. It’s a money-saving resource that can turn your holiday from ghastly expensive to frightfully affordable without skimping on sweets.

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1. Amazon

If you’re looking for a sweet surprise, Amazon’s got your back with an incredible assortment of treats perfect for the spooky season. From traditional chocolates to ghoulishly delightful sweets, this online marketplace offers something for every trick-or-treater out there. But it isn’t just about variety; there are numerous ways that Amazon helps customers save money on Halloween candy purchases too.

As part of its special promotions, discounted bulk purchasing options often pop up as Halloween approaches. Moreover, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, additional benefits await! One such perk includes exclusive deals and discounts on a wide array of candies making your shopping experience even sweeter. Customers can also take advantage of Amazon coupons available online to grab the best deal this Halloween.

2. Walmart

You may just stumble upon some sweet savings on your favorite spooky treats at Walmart, by sheer chance. With Halloween fast approaching, everyone is clamoring for the best candy deals and you’re in luck because Walmart’s variety of candies is simply astounding! From classic chocolate bars to sour gummies, there are endless options for every palate.

Buying in bulk or using coupons when shopping at Walmart can also significantly reduce costs per unit which means more sweets for less money – a win-win situation for all Halloween enthusiasts! For those who prefer convenience over scurrying through aisles laden with goodies, online shopping at Walmart offers an equally diverse range of candy brands. This option allows you to compare prices swiftly without having to leave the comfort of your home.

3. Target

Exploring Target’s offerings reveals an impressive selection of confectionery items that cater to various preferences, thereby substantiating the theory that it is a prime destination for acquiring your favorite sweet treats. With their extensive candy variety, you’re sure to find all your Halloween favorites from classic bite-sized chocolates to gummy worms and everything in between. Target's seasonal offers on these candies bring about significant savings, especially around the Halloween season when demand skyrockets.

Another aspect worth noting is the membership benefits available at Target, which can substantially elevate your shopping experience. Signing up for a Target RedCard, for instance, provides an automatic 5% discount off every purchase made both in-store and online – imagine getting this percentage off each bag of candy!

4. Costco

A membership at Costco, noted for its bulk offerings and value pricing, unlocks a treasure trove of confectionery delights that cater to diverse palates and preferences. This warehouse club offers an unrivaled variety of candies in larger quantities than most retailers, making it the ideal destination for Halloween candy shopping. From classic favorites like Hershey’s chocolate bars and Sour Patch Kids to gourmet chocolates and organic sweets, there’s something for everyone.

What makes this even more appealing is the discounted rates offered on these purchases indeed, being a Costco member means enjoying significant savings on your favorite sweet treats. One aspect that sets Costco apart from other major retailers is their online shopping platform which provides ease and convenience while adhering to safety guidelines during these challenging times. Besides this, do check for the latest Costco promo codes online for more savings.

5. Dollar Tree

Immersing oneself in the aisles of Dollar Tree can feel like stepping into a wonderland of budget-friendly confectionery, where every sweet treat costs merely a dollar. With an impressive range of candy varieties at your disposal, you are bound to find something that suits everyone’s tastes this Halloween season. From Dollar Tree chocolates that melt smoothly on the tongue to chewy gummies and tangy hard candies – there’s a world of options waiting for those who step through their doors.

Dollar Tree shopping is not just affordable; it's also enjoyable with its assortment of Halloween decor items available alongside its sweets selection. Seasonal discounts by Dollar Tree make these purchases even more enticing, allowing customers to deck out their homes in festive attire without breaking the bank. So whether you’re stocking up on treats or looking for cost-effective decoration pieces, remember that Dollar Tree offers value beyond compare when it comes to satisfying your Halloween needs.

6. Sam's Club

Venturing into the colossal maze of Sam's Club, you’re greeted with an avalanche of confectionery delights that seem to stretch on for miles, ready to satiate your sweet cravings as autumn ushers in. The store is a paradise for those who appreciate bulk buying benefits, offering substantial savings especially when it comes to Halloween sweets. Also, you should take a look at the many deals offered by Sam’s Club.

With your Sam’s Club membership, you gain access not only to a wide variety of candies but also the chance to enjoy seasonal discounts and exclusive deals. From classic candy corns and chocolate bars to gourmet popcorn and unique candy mixes, there’s something tailored for every palate. The true magic lies within their exclusive offerings – from spooky-themed lollipops and gummies available nowhere else to special edition chocolates decked out in Halloween wrappers.

7. CVS

Stepping into the familiar warmth of CVS, you are instantly drawn to their impressive array of seasonal confections, an enticing spread that promises a treasure trove of sweet surprises for those autumnal festivities. From ghoulishly themed chocolates to traditional candy corn and everything in between, the pharmacy’s candy aisle is awash with Halloween treats that beckon shoppers like an irresistible siren call. But there's more than just variety on offer here.

The real gem about shopping at CVS is how the store rewards its loyal customers through its ‘ExtraCare’ program and regular use of CVS coupons can bring down your bill significantly. The process is simple: sign up online or in-store for free and start earning 2% back in ExtraBucks Rewards every time you shop. Furthermore, downloading the CVS app unlocks access to personalized deals and first dibs on sales.

8. Publix

Crossing the threshold into Publix, you’re enveloped by an aroma of fresh produce that subtly mingles with the tantalizing scent of confections, painting a vivid picture of autumnal abundance and evoking a nostalgic longing for cherished childhood memories tied to this season’s festivities. The candy selection at Publix is not only extensive but also thoughtfully curated to cater to diverse preferences, making it a go-to destination for those seeking the best deals on Halloween candies.

As you navigate through aisles teeming with treats, your senses are drawn towards vibrant arrays of chocolates, gummies, lollipops and more each package promising sugary delights that light up little faces behind ghostly masks and wicked witch hats.

Moreover, Publix's price match policy ensures customers get value for every dollar spent by offering competitive prices against other local supermarkets. This means if you spot Halloween candies being sold at lower prices elsewhere, simply bring evidence (like ads) back to Publix and they will adjust the price accordingly.

9. Kroger

Upon entering Kroger, a symphony of scents from fresh baked goods to ripe fruits greets you, setting the stage for an equally impressive assortment of sweet treats that beckon from every corner. The shopping experience at this retail giant is not just about buying groceries; it’s about discovering deals that make your Halloween candy haul more affordable and exciting. With seasonal specials on popular brands like Hershey's, Mars, and Nestle, Kroger makes sure its customers never leave without bags full of their favorite candies.

What stands out particularly is Kroger’s discounts which can help shoppers save up to 50% off on selected items during the Halloween season. The amazing candy selection isn’t only limited to in-store offerings. For those who prefer online shopping or are simply too busy to visit a store, Kroger also offers fantastic online deals. Their website is easy to navigate with clear categories for different types of candies chocolates, gummies, hard candies – so finding what you need is a breeze.

10. Walgreens

Walgreens offers not only popular name-brand candies but also its own line of quality, affordable treats for those looking for budget-friendly options this Halloween season. These store-brand candies offer the same satisfying flavors without breaking the bank. So whether you’re preparing for trick-or-treaters or hosting a spooky soiree, remember to check out these cost-effective alternatives. But it’s not just about what you buy; it’s about how you buy as well!

Savvy shoppers can leverage Walgreens’ coupons and reward benefits to bag even more significant savings on their candy hauls. By using the user-friendly Walgreens app benefits, customers get access to exclusive deals, and digital coupons, and earn points on every purchase points which convert into real dollars off future purchases! And don’t forget to keep an eye out for seasonal clearance sales post-Halloween – they are goldmines offering irresistible discounts on surplus holiday sweets.

11. ShopRite

Venturing into ShopRite is like stepping into a confectionery wonderland, where aisles are brimming with an assortment of luscious sweets that not only satisfy your cravings but also redefine value shopping. During this holiday, you’ll find yourself marveling at their extensive candy selection featuring all-time favorites from Reese’s to Skittles and everything in between. What truly stands out about this retail giant though, are the unbeatable ShopRite specials they offer during the season.

ShopRite has a knack for sweetening deals further with seasonal promotions that make stocking up on treats feel less like an expense and more like a bargain hunt. From customer reviews online, it’s evident that many shoppers consider ShopRite as their go-to destination for holiday candies due to its competitive pricing strategy. When doing a price comparison across different retailers, one can easily see how much savings they stand to make by choosing ShopRite; some customers have reported saving up to 30% on their Halloween candy expenditure!

12. Aldi

Aldi’s candy selection is known for its variety and affordability, making it an excellent choice for Halloween bargain hunters. From classic favorites to unique finds under Aldi’s Specialbuys section, there’s no shortage of options to fill your trick-or-treat bags with. The store's seasonal products also offer special themed candies such as pumpkin-shaped gummies or ghostly marshmallows that can add an extra touch of fun to your Halloween festivities.

The pricing at Aldi is well-regarded by customers for being budget-friendly without compromising on quality or taste. In fact, according to recent comparisons made by savvy shoppers, Aldi often offers better prices than other grocery chains when it comes to seasonal sweets. Plus, shopping at Aldi isn’t just about scoring deals; it’s also an enjoyable experience in itself. You also get cost-saving deals on Aldi orders. With clean aisles neatly organized into categories and friendly staff ready to assist you, hunting for bargains becomes less stressful and more exciting.

13. Meijer

The shopping experience offered by Meijer is no less than a delightful journey through an assortment of treats that tickles everyone's taste buds. The secret behind such enchantment lies in Meijer’s variety and commitment to quality. Here, you will find numerous types of Halloween candies ranging from classic chocolate bars to gummy worms, all boasting exceptional quality for guaranteed satisfaction. Plus, they consistently run seasonal offers on their products, ensuring that your bucket overflows without stressing your wallet.

Meijer not only gives us a world full of sweets but also employs clever discount strategies to make sure shoppers get more bang for their buck during the Halloween season. They often offer discounts on bulk purchases which are perfect for those expecting hordes of trick-or-treaters or planning epic parties. Additionally, Meijer has been known to conduct flash sales leading up to Halloween so keep an eye out for these unexpected deals! So this Halloween, why not drop by Meijer and lose yourself in its wonderland of wonderfully priced confections?

14. Lucky Supermarkets

Like a treasure trove of sweet delights, Lucky Supermarkets beckons shoppers with its vast selection of delectable confections that can make any occasion feel like a celebration. Known for its wide array of candies and chocolates, Lucky’s selection is bound to satisfy your Halloween candy needs. From classic chocolate bars to fruity gummy treats, they offer an extensive range ensuring every trick-or-treater leaves satisfied.

Moreover, the store promotions often include seasonal discounts on these items which significantly lower the candy prices during special events such as Halloween. A trip to Lucky Supermarkets isn't just about shopping; it's about enjoying a unique customer experience. The bright colors of wrapped sweets in large displays create a festive atmosphere that excites both kids and adults alike. So when hunting for the best deals on Halloween candy this year, don’t forget to check out Lucky Supermarkets!

15. Tops Markets

As the autumn leaves fall and the festive season approaches, one cannot overlook Tops Markets when searching for an assortment of confectionery delights to satisfy those sweet cravings. Known for its extensive variety of candies and exceptional customer service, Tops has long been a go-to destination for Halloween candy shoppers. With numerous Tops locations spread across various regions, it’s easy to find a store near you where you can stock up on all your favorite treats.

Not only does Tops offer a wide array of sweets, but they also provide great value through their weekly specials and membership program – Tops Rewards. By signing up for a Tops Membership, customers gain access to exclusive discounts and deals that significantly reduce the cost of purchasing bulk Halloween candies. Whether it’s chocolate bars or gummy worms you’re after, these savings combined with their excellent customer service make buying from Tops an experience that not only catifies the taste buds but also gives your wallet some respite during this pricey holiday season. So gear up for trick-or-treating or Halloween parties knowing that at Tops Markets, good quality meets affordability in every aisle.

‘Comparing Prices and Quality: Other Stores for Halloween Candy Deals’

When searching for the best Halloween candy deals, it’s crucial to compare prices and quality across different stores. Major retailers like Walmart, Costco, and Target are known for their vast candy selections at reasonable prices. They often offer bulk deals, especially around Halloween. Additionally, online stores like Amazon may offer competitive pricing and the convenience of home delivery.

Another place to consider is your local grocery store, as they often provide seasonal discounts on Halloween candy. Even dollar stores can surprise you with their candy selection and prices. Remember to check the quality and expiry dates of the candies in these stores. It’s all about finding the right balance between cost and quality, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any local or small businesses that offer great deals on Halloween candy?
Yes, many local and small businesses offer great deals on Halloween candy. These shops often have unique flavors, high-quality candies, customized assortments to cater to different preferences and some even use eco-friendly packaging. Supporting these businesses not only gets you good deals but also helps the local economy.

2. How much in advance should I buy Halloween candy to ensure the best deals?
To get the best deals on Halloween candy while ensuring its freshness, it’s a good idea to buy your candy about two weeks in advance of Halloween. This is usually when pre-Halloween sales start. Remember to store your candy properly to maintain its quality and manage your budget by comparing prices between different types of candies.

3. Are there any online-only retailers that offer competitive prices on bulk Halloween candy?
Yes, there are several online-only retailers that offer competitive prices on bulk Halloween candy. These include BulkCandyStore and CandyWarehouse. Remember to consider online shipping costs when comparing prices with local stores. Check the retailer’s reputation for candy freshness online, secure purchasing methods, as well as their return policies in case of any issues with your order.

4. Do any of these retailers offer discounts or deals on allergy-friendly or sugar-free Halloween candy?
Yes, certain retailers offer deals on allergy-friendly or sugar-free Halloween candy. They usually have special dietary discounts around the holiday season. You can find allergen-free bargains and health-conscious candy deals at stores like Amazon, Target and Walmart. Just look for allergy-friendly brands and sugar-free alternatives in their seasonal sections.

5. Are there any partnerships between candy manufacturers and retailers that could lead to exclusive deals or discounts?
Yes, candy manufacturers often partner with retailers for exclusive deals or discounts. These manufacturer incentives lead to exclusive promotions in stores. The impact of these partnerships can mean big savings for shoppers through discount strategies. Brand collaborations like this are common around Halloween and can be a great way to get more candy for less money.


Scouring for sweet savings shouldn't be scary. Savvy shoppers can secure the best deals on Halloween candy at a variety of venues, including online powerhouses like Amazon and popular retailers such as Walmart and Target. Delve deeper into data-driven details to discover even more deals at clubs like Costco and Sam's Club. Dollar Tree, CVS, Publix or your local grocery store can also offer an assortment of affordable options. This Halloween, don’t get spooked by high prices – hunt down those heavenly candy deals!

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