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Get Flat 10% OFF On Your Online Orders | All Users

  • Avail flat 10% OFF on your orders.
  • Offer applicable on online orders only.
  • Valid for all users.
Sitewide Flat 10% OFF
Minimum Order Value Not Required
Eligible on All Foods
Valid For All Users
New User Valid Till: May 31, 2024 (FRI)

🌍🍔🍟 Indulge in Greatness! 2 World's Greatest Cheese Burgers + French Fries at $15.99 Only! 🤤🍔🍟

  • Get 2 world famous cheese burgers at best price.
  • Avail additional french fries on this combo.
  • American cheese burgers are also available.
  • Just apply the coupon code to avail of the offer.
New User Valid Till: Jun 30, 2024 (SUN)

Sale - 2 Fish Dinners + 2 Fountain Drinks - At $33.99

  • ​​​​​​Get fish dinners and 2 regular drinks for a minimal price
  • The basic price starts at $33.99.
  • You can also choose from platters.
  • This deal is for all users.
New User Valid Till: Jun 30, 2024 (SUN)

2 Great Plates + 2 Fountain Drinks - At $28.99

  • Order 2 fantastic plates along with 2 fountain drinks for just $28.99.
  • This special promotion is applicable only for online orders, providing convenience and savings to our online customers.
  • Hurry and grab this deal now, as it's a limited-time offer with exceptional value for a satisfying meal experience.
New User Valid Till: Jun 30, 2024 (SUN)

Bill Gray's Special Deals


Kid Meals - Get $2 OFF On Your Food Items

  • Treat your little ones to an affordable dining experience with a fantastic $2 OFF on all kid meals.
  • Enjoy a scrumptious meal for your kids without overspending – get $2 off on their favorite food items.
  • Create memorable family outings without straining your wallet by claiming a $2 discount on kid meals every Wednesday.
  • Make your kids smile with every bite as you savor delicious moments with this pocket-friendly offer.
  • Avail the special $2 OFF on Wednesdays and turn family outings into delightful and budget-friendly experiences.
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$9 & UP

Enjoy Any Great Plate At $9.99

  • Order now for any great plate of the meal at $9.99
  • Visit the site & enjoy the savings
  • Taste the delicious food with your friends & family
New User

Fish Fry Friday - Starting At $9.99

  • ​​​Dive into our delicious fish recipes every Friday, offered at unbeatable prices.
  • The price starts at $20
  • Choose from a delectable selection, including Haddock, Mini Haddock, and Fish Sandwich.
  • Offer valid for all users
New User

Sandwiches - Starting At $7.99

  • Order your favorite sandwiches at Bill Grays and enjoy the best prices.
  • Choose from a variety of mouthwatering options, including the iconic Red Hot Dog, Italian Sausage, Grilled Chicken Breast, and more.
  • Treat yourself to delicious sandwiches without breaking the bank at Bill Grays.
New User

Bills' Famous Burgers - Starting At $7.49

  • ​​​​​​​Bill's famous burgers are now available at lowest prices.
  • Bacon cheese, mushroom swiss, plate, double Bacon & many more are available.
  • All users can grab this offer
New User

Chicken Tenders - Starting At $9.99

  • Order 5-piece chicken tenders at $9.99 only.
  • 25 pieces are available at $24.69.
  • Buffalo chicken tenders are also available here.
New User

Sea Food - Starting At $16.99

  • Wide range of seafood options starting at $16.99.
  • The menu includes favorites like Classic Haddock Fish Fry and Deluxe Fish Sandwich.
  • Special deals are applied automatically, no coupon code is required.
New User

Great Plates - Starting At $13.99

  • Indulge in budget-friendly dining options with our delicious 3oz ground steak burgers.
  • The basic price starts at $13.99
  • Personalize your plate by choosing your top 2 side items from our diverse selection.
  • Enjoy this offer hassle-free—no need for a coupon code at checkout.
  • Delight in a satisfying meal experience without breaking the bank.
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Savor the Flavor of our Mini Haddock Fish Fry, Beginning at Just $15.69

  • Place your order now for a mini haddock fish fry at the best price.
  • The starting price for the mini haddock fish fry is $15.69.
  • No promo code is required for this offer.
  • Visit the website to discover and avail more exciting offers.
New User

Kids Meals - Starting At $7.99

  • Order kids meals starting at $7.99.
  • Available meals are -
    • Grilled cheese mael,
    • Hamburger meal,
    • Mac & cheese,
    • Hotdog meal & many are available.
New User

Pepsi Products - Initial Pricing Begins @ $2.69

  • Grab refreshing Pepsi products for just $2.69. Choose from a variety of options including fountain soda, bottled soda, and more.
  • Explore our selection of Pepsi beverages, offering choices like fountain soda and bottled soda, all priced at $2.69 for a satisfying and cool experience.
  • Visit our store and place your order to enjoy the coolness of Pepsi products at an affordable $2.69. Don't miss out on the refreshing options waiting for you!
New User

Beverages - Starting At $2.69

  • You can order beverages starting at just $2.69.
  • We offer a variety of beverage options, including fountain sodas, milkshakes, juices, and sodas.
  • Don't miss out on Bill Gray's Tuesday Special Offers.
  • Visit the landing page and start shopping now!
New User Valid Till: May 31, 2024 (FRI)

Ground Steak Burger Plate - Basic Price Starts At $9.99

  • Indulge in our mouthwatering ground steak burger plate meal
  • Prices begin at just $9.99
  • Savor the delicious flavors with your loved ones
  • Treat your family to a delightful dining experience
New User

Single Wheel - Price Starts At $3.59

  • Single-wheel ice cream is available at Bill Gray's starting from $3.59.
  • Choose between delicious vanilla and chocolate flavors.
  • Visit the restaurant in person for additional offers and promotions.
New User
$5 & UP

Side Orders - Starting At $5.19

  • Try our affordable sides like crispy fries and savory baked beans for unbeatable deals.
  • Enjoy budget-friendly prices starting at $5.19 on sides like onion rings and more.
  • Dive into deliciousness with our affordable sides. Visit our website for the lowest prices on your favorites.
New User

Ice Cream - Starting At $3.59

  • Enjoy irresistible prices on ice cream treats.
  • Choose from a variety of options like single scoops, double scoops, 6-wheel turtles, and more.
  • Starting at $20, everyone can indulge in delicious ice cream delights.
  • Open to all users, ensuring access to delightful ice cream at fantastic prices.
New User

Bacon Cheese Burger - Starting At $6.49

  • Bacon Cheese Burger Enjoy a delicious Burger with crispy Bacon and melted cheese.
  • Starting at $6.49 Affordable pricing for a mouthwatering meal.
  • High-Quality Ingredients Made with premium beef, fresh toppings, and savory bacon.
  • Great Value Perfect for a satisfying meal without breaking the bank.
  • Available Now Order today and indulge in a tasty treat.
New User

Up To 20% OFF On All Orders

  • Enjoy up to 20% off on all your purchases.
  • Whether you're craving delicious burgers, fries, or milkshakes
  • Now's the time to indulge while keeping your wallet happy.
New User Valid Till: May 31, 2024 (FRI)

Red Hot Dog & White Hot Dog - Starting At $6.69

  • Indulge in the delectable hot dogs from Bill Gray's, celebrated for their unmatched taste and affordability.
  • Our basic hot dog starts at a mere $6.69, providing remarkable value.
  • Don't hesitate any further; place your order now to savor these delightful flavors.
New User

Grilled Cheeseburger Melt - Starting At $7.79

  • Indulge in the deliciousness of a Grilled Cheeseburger Melt starting at just $7.79.
  • Savor the perfect blend of flavors with our mouthwatering cheeseburger melt option.
  • Affordable and satisfying—treat yourself to this irresistible classic without breaking the bank.
New User

All Sauces & Pickles - Just At $0.40

  • Indulge in a culinary adventure with sauces and pickles priced at just $0.40 each. These savory delights, including BBQ sauce, Boom Boom sauce, Dill pickles, Sweet Pickles, Country sweet sauce, and Marinara sauce, offer an irresistible treat for your taste buds without breaking the bank.
  • Explore a diverse selection of sauces and pickles, each available at the enticing price of $0.40. From the zesty kick of BBQ sauce to the tangy perfection of Dill pickles, this offer lets you stock up on a range of delicious flavors for a delightful gastronomic experience.
  • Elevate your meals without stretching your budget. With each sauce and pickle priced at just $0.40, this deal provides an affordable way to enhance your dishes, making it easy to experiment with new flavors and elevate your culinary creations.
New User

Kids Hamburger Meal - Price Starts At $7.99

  • Get the tasty kids' hamburger meal at a great price!
  • Starting at just $7.99, it's a delicious deal.
  • Order now and savor the savings!
New User
$0 & UP

Condiments - Starting At $0.40

  • Explore a wide variety of condiments available at Bill Grays.
  • Options include:
    • Sweet pickles
    • BBQ sauce
    • Buffalo sauce
    • Dill pickles
    • Nacho cheese
    • And many more!
  • Prices for these condiments start at just $0.40, ensuring affordability for all your flavor-enhancing needs.

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Gift Cards - Starting At $20

  • Bill Gray's e-gift cards are available for purchase, starting at $20.
  • Personalized message options are offered for these gift cards.
  • The offer is valid for all users.
  • Don't miss out, order now!
New User

Latest Bill Gray's Coupons, Promo Codes & Offers For All UsersMay 2024

Category Bill Gray's Coupon Codes & Discounts
Online Orders Flat 10% OFF
Beverages Starts At $2.69
Bill's Famous Burger Starts At $7.29
Kid's Meals Starts At $7.99
Chicken Tenders Starts At $9.99
Bill Gray's Coupon Code
Flat 10% OFF On All Online Orders

About Bill Gray’s

Bill Gray started a small restaurant to support his family and since then this restaurant, named after him, the Bill Gray’s never looked back. This leading chain of restaurants now has over 16 restaurants in the Rochester and Buffalo areas. What made this restaurant chain expand apart from its taste, is its customer service and aura around the food place. One of the most famous food items that everyone tries at least once is Bill Gray’s Cheeseburger because of its unique taste. One can also use coupons from Bill Gray’s to get amazing discounts.

Bill Gray’s Services and Categories

People can either go in the store or just stay in their comfort and order online. Most of Bill Gray’s restaurants have Abbotts in them as well. There, one can find desserts that anyone can have. There you can choose frozen custards, sundaes, novelties, cakes, and other combos. Let us look at the food items that are available at Bill Gray’s:

Bill’s Famous Burgers

These are the most popular cheeseburgers that made Bill Gray’s a shining star. They offer bacon cheeseburgers, ground steak burgers, mushroom Swiss burgers, bacon bleu burgers, honey BBQ bacon cheeseburgers, and many other burgers that one can think of for Bill Gray’s.


This restaurant chain offers a wide range of burgers to pick from, such as red hot dogs, white hot dogs, chili cheese dogs, Italian sausages, vegetarian burgers, grilled chicken breast sandwiches, and more.

Great Plates

These great plates are different combos that one can choose from and can also customize according to their favorite items. Bill Gray’s offers a Cheeseburger Plate, red hot dog plate, white hot dog plate, ground steak burger plate, and many other customizable plates.

Chicken Tenders

If chicken is the best way to start your day or you just want to eat your favorite chicken dish, then Bill Gray’s chicken tenders are the food to choose from. Here, one can choose between chicken tenders and buffalo chicken tenders.

Kids Meal

Bill Gray’s kids' meals are one of the finest menus to serve kids, as it offers all the dishes that will put a smile on your kid’s face. Here, you get to see hamburger meals, grilled cheese meals, cheeseburger meals, hot dog meals, mac and cheese meals, mozzarella sticks, pizza logs, and chicken tenders.


Seafood is something that we cannot eat everywhere as it has to be cooked or fried with delicacy and proficiency. Bill Gray’s seafood section on the menu is quite famous because of the taste that it offers. One can choose between Bill’s Famous Haddock Fish Fry, Mini Haddock Fish Fry, and Haddock Fish Sandwich.

Side Orders

Not even one of us goes to any restaurant for having main dishes only, we all need something that can be taken inside for a change of taste, so customers can also choose from French Fries, Tater Tots, Curly Fries, Home Fries, Onion Rings, Fried Mushrooms, and many other side dishes.


Bill Gray’s options for Beverages do not stick to coke only, here, you can order yourself a fountain soda, bottled soda, sushi, milkshakes, bottled water, milk, and apple juice.

Ice Cream

There are many options for Ice cream to choose from at Bill Gray’s. There are various types of Ice creams such as Kiddie dishes, single dish, single pint, 3-pack pints, single turtle, 6-pack wheels, and single-chip wheels.


Here, you will spot condiments to go with your eating and taste habits. One can order Dill pickles, sweet pickles, hot sauce, Gravy, Bleu cheese, Ranch, Nacho Cheese, Honey Mustard, BBQ sauce, boom boom sauce, buffalo sauce, Mayonnaise, and Marinara sauce.

More Savings On All Your Orders

Looking for more savings on all your orders, then DoorDash is a must, a top-rated food delivery platform that offers customers an easy way to browse menus and track their orders in real-time. Customers can save money on their favorite meals by using DoorDash promo codes, available through various promotions and deals.

Find Coupons for Cheeseburgers and Fountain Drinks

One of America's most popular fast-food restaurants, Bill Gray's offers an ever-evolving menu with delicious cheeseburgers and other classic favorites that everyone can savor. Enjoyment aside, you can save money with Bill Gray's drool-worthy deals! Whether a free drink or an additional side dish with your meal, these promos can help you get the most bang for your buck. Head to the coupons section on the website to find printable and online vouchers, using which you can save up to 10% on your order or find food deals you don't want to miss. Relish in the world's greatest cheeseburger with the greatest savings.

More About Bill Gray’s

Deals on Bill Gray’s

Gift Card Extravaganza

Deal: Purchase $25 in Bill Gray's Gift Cards and receive a delectable FREE "World's Greatest Cheeseburger".

Availability: This amazing offer is up for grabs both online and in-store.

Redemption: To savor this treat, simply secure $25 worth of gift cards in a single transaction.

Sundays are Sweet with Abbott's Frozen Custard

Deal: Exclusively on Sundays, relish a Buy One, Get One on single size Abbott's Frozen Custard.

Redemption: To relish this delightful duo, acquire one single size Abbott's Frozen Custard and enjoy another absolutely FREE.

Variety: This tantalizing offer covers the entire spectrum of Abbott's Frozen Custard flavors.

Whisk Away Wednesday Worries with Kids Meal Savings

Deal: Midweek blues? Not anymore! Wednesdays bring you a smashing $2.00 OFF on all Kids Meals.

Redemption: Simply procure kids meal and delight in a $2.00 price reduction.

Options Galore: From the classic Cheeseburger Meal to the zesty Hot Dog Meal and the comforting Grilled Cheese Meal, this offers blankets all Kids Meal choices.

Burger Bliss Duo with Fries for $14.99

Offer: Sink your teeth into flavor with 2 Cheeseburgers & 1 Regular French Fries for just $14.99.

Exclusivity: This tempting coupon is valid for the delightful combo of two cheeseburgers and one regular french fries.

Availability: Available for indulgence at all enchanting Rochester, NY locations.

Double Great Plates® Extravaganza for $27.99

Offer: Experience double the satisfaction with 2 Great Plates® & 2 Regular Fountain Drinks at a remarkable $27.99.

Exclusivity: This exclusive coupon lets you enjoy two Great Plates® and two regular fountain drinks.

Availability: Elevate your dining experience at all captivating Rochester, NY locations.

Seafood Sensation Delight for $29.99

Offer: Dive into delectable tastes with 2 Fish Dinners & 2 Regular Fountain Drinks, all for an unbeatable $29.99.

Exclusivity: This mouthwatering coupon entitles you to two fish dinners and two regular fountain drinks.

Availability: Indulge in the seafood magic at all enchanting Rochester, NY locations.

Exclusive Online Treat: 10% Off Your Order

Offer: Elevate your online dining experience with a generous 10% off your order.

Redemption: Apply this coupon code during checkout for instant savings on your online order.

Everywhere Savings: Unlock this digital delight at all Bill Gray's locations.

Don't miss these limited-time deals that promise scrumptiousness and savings in every bite. Mark your calendars and treat yourself, your family, and your taste buds to the extraordinary flavors of Bill Gray's!

Mobile App Magic

Savor the Convenience: Download the Bill Gray's mobile app and experience 10% off on all online delivery orders.

Unlock the Deal: Use promo code provided in the app during checkout to enjoy instant savings on your delicious order.

Join Rewards, Get a Free World's Greatest Cheeseburger

Instant Gratification: Signing up for Bill Gray's Rewards comes with a scrumptious bonus. Spend $10 or more and receive a FREE World's Greatest Cheeseburger® as a welcome gift.

Treat Yourself: Embark on your Rewards journey while savoring the mouthwatering goodness of Bill Gray's iconic cheeseburger.

Celebrate Father's Day at Bill Gray's

Family Bonding, Delightful Savings: Gather the family and celebrate Father's Day at Bill Gray's. Enjoy $2 off all Kids Meals and grab the Great Plates® for just $9.99.

Affordable Joy: Make this special day even more memorable with kid-friendly meals and satisfying plates, all without breaking the bank.

Get Your Grub on with Bill Gray's Great Plates

Affordable Indulgence: Elevate your dining experience with Bill Gray's renowned Great Plates® for only $9.99.

Perfectly Priced: Dive into a scrumptious selection of Kids Meals and indulge in the taste of Great Plates® at a wallet-friendly price.

Bill Gray’s Saving Tips and Tricks:

Saving on our purchases helps a lot in making our food time pocket-friendly and more enjoyable, so here are some of the saving tips and tricks for Bill Gray’s:

  • Check out Bill Gray’s coupons section to grab the deals of the day and get massive discounts.
  • Create a Bill Gray’s rewards account to earn and redeem points on every purchase.
  • Grab exclusive restaurant offers by visiting your nearest Bill Gray’s restaurant.
  • Follow all the social handles of Bill Gray’s to stay updated about upcoming deals and sales.
  • Apply various coupons from trusted sources to enjoy the benefits of price cuts.

Have a craving for premium bakery products? Shop at Panera. Panera is a bakery-café chain that offers freshly baked goods such as cookies, pastries, bagels, and bread. Their bakers use high-quality ingredients and traditional techniques to create delicious treats. By using Panera coupons, customers can enjoy these treats at a discounted price.

Bill Gray’s Black Friday Sale 2024

Don't miss out on the incredible deals and discounts at Bill Gray's Black Friday Sale 2024! This year, Bill Gray's is offering an irresistible offer on their renowned World's Greatest Cheeseburger. Prepare your taste buds for an explosion of flavor as you sink your teeth into this mouthwatering delight, and the best part? You can enjoy it at a whopping 50% off during the sale!

During this year’s sale, Bill Gray's is also including some fantastic freebies to complement your cheeseburger experience. With the available promo codes online, you can savor the crispy and golden French Fries, adding the perfect crunchy companion to your meal. This tantalizing offer allows you to indulge in a complete and satisfying dining experience without breaking the bank. Also, you can spend as low as $14.99 for two World’s Greatest Cheeseburgers, and get a free food item.

Return and Refund Policy:

There is no information regarding the return and refund policy on their official website. In case of any changes, we will update you and let you know.

Customer Support:

In case of any queries or concerns, one can connect with them via call at 585-787-0150. Users can also mail the technical support team of Bill Gray’s at Users also have the option to create a ticket and a representative will connect with them as soon as possible.


Where can I find coupons for Bill Gray’s?

You can find Bill Gray’s coupon codes on its official website to avail of massive discounts.

Does Bill Gray’s hold festive sales?

Yes, Bill Gray’s gives deals on all of the major festivals.

Can I get free shipping while ordering from Bill Gray’s?

Yes, users can use promo codes to get free shipping on selected items from Bill Gray’s.

Can I find good desserts in Bill Gray’s?

Yes, you can find one of the best desserts by Abbotts inside most of Bill Gray’s restaurants.

Are Bill Gray’s and Abbotts owned by the same person?

No, only Bill Gray’s is owned by Bill Gray and Abbotts is just the partner.

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Bill Gray's Coupons
Bill Gray's Discounts
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