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Splash World Water Park - Best Price

  • Book your tickets for splash world water park at best price.
  • Rides available are -
    • Torpedo rush,
    • Viper &
    • Vertical limit.
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SiteWide Offer - Get 35% OFF On All Bookings

Discount Flat 35% OFF
Includes parking, hotel bookings, etc...
Minimum order Np minimum order value
Valid on All users
  • Grab 35% OFF on all bookings
  • Includes - hotel bookings, parking, etc..
  • Applicable for limited period
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2024 Gold Pass At $59.99 Each - Unlimited Visits

  • Book 2024 Gold Pass At $59.99 Each and avail unlimited visits to parks
  • General parking facilitiy
  • 5% OFF on Food & Merchandise discounts
  • Unlimited visits through Sept 4 2023
  • Pass benefits subject to change without notice.
  • Passholder benefits may vary by park.
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Group Tickets - Starting At $20

  • ​​​​​Book group tickets for your events at clementon part at best price.
  • It offers huge discounts for corporate events.
  • The starting at $20
  • Visit the landing page & know more.
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Amusement Park Discounts & Offers


Platinum Pass At $69.99 Each - Unlimited Visits

Platinum Pass Price Starts At $69
Applicable For Events, Rides, Tours & More
Benifits Are 15% OFF On Food Items
Unlimited Visits Entire One Year
  • Buy Platinum Pass At $69.99 each and avail unlimited visits to parks
  • General parking facilitiy
  • 15% OFF on Food & Merchandise discounts
  • Unlimited visits for the entire year
  • Platinum Pass benefits subject to change without notice.
  • Passholder benefits may vary by park.
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About Amusement Parks

Amusement parks have long been cherished destinations for families and thrill-seekers alike, offering a diverse array of attractions and entertainment experiences. From exhilarating roller coasters to whimsical-themed lands, amusement parks provide an escape from everyday life and a chance to immerse oneself in a world of fantasy and excitement. With a wide range of rides and activities suitable for all ages, these parks cater to the adventurous spirit of everyone. Whether it's the adrenaline rush of a towering drop ride or the laughter-inducing antics of a themed show, amusement parks offer memorable moments and cherished memories for visitors around the globe.

GrabOn offers a range of amusement park deals, discounts, and promo codes to help you enjoy unforgettable adventures without straining your budget. Our exclusive offers provide access to exciting rides, captivating shows, and immersive attractions at some of the most renowned amusement parks.

Types of Amusement Parks

  • Theme Parks: These parks are based on specific themes or concepts and offer themed lands, attractions, and experiences. Examples include Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Legoland.
  • Water Parks: Water parks feature various water-based attractions such as slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, and water playgrounds. They provide a refreshing escape from the heat and are popular during the summer months.
  • Thrill Parks: Thrill parks focus on high-intensity rides and attractions designed to exhilarate visitors. They often feature roller coasters, drop towers, and other adrenaline-inducing experiences.
  • Family Entertainment Centers (FECs): FECs cater to families and typically offer a mix of arcade games, rides, miniature golf, and other entertainment options suitable for all ages.
  • Adventure Parks: Adventure parks offer outdoor recreational activities such as zip lines, ropes courses, climbing walls, and obstacle courses, providing opportunities for physical challenges and adventure.
  • Indoor Theme Parks: Indoor theme parks are located within enclosed spaces and offer attractions and rides regardless of weather conditions. They are popular in areas with extreme climates.

Top Amusement Parks To Visit

Nestled in New Jersey, Clementon Park stands as a historic gem, cherished for its distinction as one of the oldest operational parks in the United States. Families flock to its exhilarating rides and refreshing water park, relishing in a memorable experience.

Similarly, Six Flags boasts a global reputation, offering a thrilling array of roller coasters and entertainment across its 27 North American properties. Recognized for its iconic status in the theme park realm, Six Flags promises adventure at every turn. For savvy visitors seeking extra savings, GrabOn provides Clementon Park coupons and Six Flags coupons to enhance their park experience.

Amusement Park Saving Tips & Tricks

  • Purchase tickets online in advance to save time and money at the park.
  • Check GrabOn for the latest Amusement Park coupons and promo codes.
  • Visit on weekdays or during off-peak hours for lower ticket prices.
  • Consider purchasing a season pass for unlimited visits and special perks.
  • Look out for combo deals that include food and drink options.
  • Save money by bringing your own food and drinks to the park.
  • Bring a refillable water bottle to avoid purchasing expensive beverages inside the park.


1. Are there any discounts available for first-time visitors?

First-time visitors can avail of discounts by applying coupon codes found on GrabOn during checkout.

2. Are there any additional charges when purchasing amusement park tickets?

In addition to the ticket price, some amusement parks may charge processing fees, convenience fees, or taxes when purchasing tickets online with coupons or promo codes. Review the terms and conditions carefully to understand any additional fees associated with your ticket purchase.

3. Do amusement parks offer discounted admission tickets for groups or parties?

Yes, most amusement parks provide discounted rates for groups or parties booking a certain number of tickets in advance. Group discounts typically apply to organizations such as schools, youth groups, corporate outings, and birthday parties.

4. How can I stay informed about the latest amusement park discounts and offers?

To stay informed about the latest discounts, promotions, and coupon offers for amusement parks, sign up for the park's newsletter, follow their social media accounts, and check their website regularly.

5. Can I re-enter the park if I leave during the day?

Policies vary by park. Some may offer a hand-stamp or pass for same-day re-entry, while others may not allow re-entry once you leave the park grounds.

6. What safety measures are in place at amusement parks?

Parks prioritize guest safety with measures like ride inspections, staff training, and on-site first aid. Always follow ride safety instructions provided by the park staff.

7. Are there any height or age restrictions for rides?

Rides often have height and age restrictions for safety reasons. Check the park's ride information before your visit.



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